Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pilates, Kitty Monsta and New Blog Design!

Today I woke up at 4:45am. Why you may ask would I wake up at this ungodly hour. Perhaps I better back up one day. For the past couple of days I have been pet sitting my mom and Jeff's animals, 2 dogs:Tyson and Lacy and a cat: Kitty Monsta.

Yesterday when they were picking up the animals I got a phone call while I was still at work frantic that they could not find the cat. They had looked all over the house and could not find him, so I immediately freaked out and thought somehow I lost him. My mom decided to spend the night hoping that he would come back/appear/etc. Well about an hour after Jeff left (after they had looked for him for about an hour) Kitty comes sauntering up to my mom. Needless to say we were all relieved but also a very annoyed. This is the type of cat that you can call to you like a dog, so when we found he was just hiding around in the basement we were not to happy.
Because I had to drop my mom off at the metro in the morning AND I had already committed to a 6am Pilates class, I had get up extra early to drop her off for work before I went there. I LOVED the Mat Pilates. I bought a 10 class package on one of those deal websites, and after going to one class I am very happy I bought it. I am semi in shape and while it was not super hard it was definitely a challenge, especially the plank pose. I highly recommend this to anyone who is look for a new workout/wants to work on their core. I will do a more extensive post later once I have been to a few more classes :)

I got a new blog design (as I hope you all noticed!), created for me by the wonderful Alyx over at Everyday is a New Adventure (a blog I happen to love!). If you are in the market for a new blog design, I highly recommend her, she is prompt and very willing to work with you. 

Exciting News! I am going to NYC this weekend to see one of my best friends and explore the city! Follow me on instagram or twitter to come along with me on my adventure! 

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