Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lucky Charm Treats, a Small Hiatus and a Blog Hop

Well folks, I am back after almost of week of no posting. I was on vacation with little internet access and I have just mastered the whole scheduling posts thing so I was not fully prepared. No worries though I am now back in action with a whole bunch of fun posts ready! 

While I was gone I managed to miss a blog hop (don't know how I missed this) organized by Ashlee at ABpetite :( Since I missed hers, I am just going to give the links to the other lovely blogs that were included in the hop. Laurie at Laurie's Cravings, Katherine at Real Food Runner Blog, Keyona at Skinny and Delicious, and Bargain Bites. Please check out all these lovely ladies blogs and show them some love!

Also check out Ashlee's Blog Hop Page for the additional awesome bloggers that linked up!! 

A little while back it was one of my coworkers bdays and he had sent me a photo of these telling me that I needed to make these because they were awesome. I decided to oblige and made them to bring them into work. Let me tell you...amazing. Cereal and marshmallows just seem to make some of the best combinations. I still love my Crunch Berry Treats the best, but these are a close second and my need to experiment with different cereals is at an all time high so look forward to fun krispies/treats in the future. Make these and watch them disappear quickly!! 

Lucky Charm Treats

6 cups of Lucky Charms 
1 Bag of mini marshmallows
4 Tbs butter

1. Melt butter on low/medium heat in a pot and the stir in  marshmallows until everything melted together
2. Remove from heat and stir in crunch berries until fully coated and press until prepared (sprayed with PAM,cooking spray, butter,etc) pan and let cool

optional step...With the remaining cereal I like to take the rest of the marshmallow pieces and press them on top of the still sticky treats to make them a little more visually appealing!
3. After about 30 minutes cut into squares and enjoy! Store in an air tight container for about 3 days.

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  1. My husband would love these, any cereal mixed with marshmallows is his idea of dessert perfection.