Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lauriol Plaza in Dupont

This past Saturday I went with my friend Carrie and her sister to Dupont Circle to celebrate Bastille day at L'enfant cafe. It ended up raining so we decided to just go to a restaurant down the road and stumbled upon Lauriol Plaza. Lauriol Plaza is a three story restaurant featuring tex-mex cuisine. It was pretty busy but we managed to get a seat on the covered rooftop patio-awesome. If you come here definitely sit on the roof.
While looking at our menu, the server stopped by and took our drink orders which was water initially while we decided which pitcher we wanted and he immediately frowned and walked away once he heard that. I could tell from there on it was going to be a poor service night.

They started out by bringing us out chips + salsa which were pretty good. The salsa was pretty watery so it was messy, and it was warm which I thought was a little weird but the flavor was good.
We ended up getting a frozen swirl pitcher for $31.95 (strawberry+regular margarita). These were pretty tasty, and the pitcher equaled 6 glasses so we each got 2 margaritas. These really packed a punch, we were all feeling it after one (OK...I was).
After getting the drinks, and this was totally my bad, but I didn't notice that one of the runners put a new thing of salsa behind my drink and I totally put my camera lens cover in it #fail...woops-good thing it was just the lid :)
I ordered a small Beef Quesadilla for $8.60. It was pretty good, kinda seemed like a lot of money for a small quesadilla though.
I also ordered a cup of Chile con Queso for $4.95. The flavor was good, but like the salsa it was extremely watery.
Carrie ordered the Laredo Platter $11.30 (one shredded beef enchilada, chicken enchilada and chicken taco). Carrie liked hers and I tried her enchilada which was good and a piece of the chicken which wasn't bad. I would definitely recommend the shredded beef enchiladas.
C's sister got the Santa Fe Platter(vegetarian) $11.30 (one cheese enchilada, cheese chile relleno, and a guacamole taco). She enjoyed her meal, I tried some of the chile relleno which was ok, it was a little bland for my taste. I was impressed that they didn't skimp on the guac in the taco, there was more then enough, Sarah actually ended up taking some of it out because it was packed to the brim. 
While the food was decent and the drinks were good, service was horrible and I will not be coming back. I do not like being ignored because we didn't initially order a drink (as you can see we did, just not immediately). Although it was semi-busy we watched him going to his other tables multiple times that literally surrounded us on all sides without him even glancing at ours. 

When we finally got the chance to order a drink the server didn't even looking at me, and then the second he checked our ID's he slinked away not even giving us a chance to order our actual food. He never stopped by to see how the food was and he just had a frown on his face the entire time. He also gave us a hard time about splitting the bill when we say other tables around us doing the same thing.

Our bill was pretty close to $80 so he would have gotten a pretty sizable tip had he not been a jerk because we all tip 20% on average-in fact it takes a lot for me to tip anything less, and believe me he got a lot less which pained me to do so.

1835 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
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I have experienced service like this before at a certain restaurant where I expressed my opinion about the service and I got a really nasty response from someone who can only be from that restaurant who did not like my comments on the service so I will soon be writing a post on why I comment on both the positive and the negative and why I believe it is my right to do so.

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  1. The salsa is amazing, and it Chile con Queso, what do you expect a whole block of cheese? Its melted cheese for the chips, do you want hard cheese with chips? No, no one does. Also, your not even showing all of the Quesadillas. Your misrepresenting the restaurant. The quesadillas aren't expensive at all its steak. I don't know what type of restaurants your visiting, but their prices aren't high at all.