Friday, July 20, 2012

Johnny Pepperoni in Hoboken & rain

I am sitting here in Hoboken at my friends house writing this right now. Why may you ask am I wasting precious time in Hoboken/NYC sitting at a computer-well because the weather looks like this (OK... looking at this photo its not THAT bad but its enough to make me feel lazy)
I figured I might as well get this review out of the way as I will myself to get motivation to shower and venture to the city. Last night after I arrived here, Dani and I walked to a place called Johnny Pepperoni that she has been wanting to try. Once of the things I love about Hoboken is that you can walk everywhere-I miss that so much.

Anyways, I get to her place, drop my junk off, grab my camera and vino (because places here are!) and we head out the door. We get to the restaurant and I realized I forgot my camera batter, sad day-good thing iPhones are amazing at pretty much everything. There was no corkage fee for this restaurant! 

We ordered 2 starters: Arancini di Risso $8 (Sicilian style rice fritters, prosciutto, fontina and tomato sauce) and Bruschetta $3 (ricotta, cherry tomatoes and basil). Both were delicious. I had my hesitations about the arancini because I have had it multiple times at other places and have never really liked the risotto used but at Johnny's the rice was creamy and delicious. For the bruchetta, I loved the fresh tomatoes and the variety of the colors. 
They brought out bread + butter. Decent if you need a vessel for getting sauce to your mouth but we ordered pizza so we were not impressed. It wasn't bad, just not worth the space in your stomach when you have all these other yummy goodies!
We ordered my usual pizza of choice, Prosciutto and Arugula $18 (tomato, fresh mozzarella, procioutto, arugula). Something was a little off with the prosciutto, not my favorite type maybe? but it was still a really good pizza and I had the leftovers this morning for breakfast (yum!).

We sat outdoors, it was adorable.

This place was really good, I was happy with my meal so if you are in the area craving Italian/Pizza stop by and give Johnny Pepperoni a try!

Stars: ★   ★ (4/5)

219 11th Street
Hoboken, NJ
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ps. I am going here and here later this weekend!! So exited :)

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