Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DaMoim Korean Fusion

Thursday at some point in the morning I managed to run over a nail and get a flat tire. Luckily I had my coworker available to put my spare on (thanks again Stephen!). Friday I dropped my flat off to get fixed and when I came back after work to get it they let me know that it couldn't be fixed and I needed to replace it. I immediately became grumpy because my tires are less then two years old...Luckily I had a warranty so the new tire price was pro-rated.  Needless to say after that I was in a pretty grumpy mood and it was dinner time. I looked at a dining app on my phone and I found a place that got pretty good reviews, DaMoim - a Korean fusion bar.

I live very near a part of Annandale that many people refer to as Little Korea. I am going to admit something to yall, put myself on the line...Korean food intimidates me. I can't quite give a reason why but there is something about it that scares me. I have lived around this area for years and I have never been to a Korean restaurant. Well I take that back, my friend and I went one time to a restaurant, couldnt read the menu and ended up ordering food we were both not fond of. Besides that experience, nada-zilch-no more attempts. 

I decided to stop being such a baby and didn't bail out of going to DaMoim.They had a fusion menu so this is the perfect place to move me in slowly to Korean food.

When I arrived I accidently went into the Karaoke bar next door, which provided for a little awkwardness on my part, but later on after I was leaving DaMoim one of the guys working there recognized me and told me I should come karaoke some time! 
I got to DaMoim, which is small but quaint on the inside. I sat at a high table and drank a coke while I was waiting for my food to come. Little bit of relaxation for me as coke is like my crack. 
Anyways I ordered the 28. Galbi Tacos $9 : Beef Short Rib Tacos served with sesame-chili salsa, a slaw of julienne lettuce and scallions and a sprinkle of crushed sesame seeds. This was delicious and plentiful. More then worth your money for tacos. The beef was flavored awesomely, tender and I really enjoyed my meal. 
For an appetizer I got #2 Mandoo $6, beef and pork traditional Korean dumplings (6) served with soy sesame dipping sauce. I was not a huge fan of these, but it was more of a personal preference thing then a taste thing. I prefer a thicker dumpling layer and slightly different filling. This was another good deal price wise, you get your money's worth. 
Waiters were friendly and food was good, I will definitely be coming back to try some of their other items-very cool menu! My only tiff with this place, and it is a minor one is that they wouldn't let you mix/match the tacos. Most places allow you to switch it up if they are the same price/you are willing to pay the higher price. All three types of tacos here were the same price/portion but they wouldn't allow you to get more then one kind. I suppose it is a good way to get you to come back if you like the tacos. 

7106 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA
DaMoim on Urbanspoon

After visiting, it has now become my goal to experiment with Korean food more in this area because there is a plethora of restaurants.

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