Friday, June 8, 2012

Taverna Cretekou & Artomatic Peepshow

Thursday night Rosie and I decided to hit up Artomatic after hearing about it from one of my coworkers. We chose Thursday because being the Wino's that we are, we saw that there was a free wine tasting offered by the Crystal City Wine Shop. We actually cut our Artomatic trip short because we were both starving and we ended up at Taverna Cretekou from a suggestion by one of her friends (they loved the patio/olive oil). I haven't been this satisfied with a restaurant in awhile, pretty much everything was delicious! 
To start off we ordered Dolmadikia $7.50 (grape leaves filled with rice, scallions and dill marinated in olive oil). Delicious, flavorful and seasoned well. We both got the Greek House wines, Red & White $7.50 and they were your typical house wines.
They bring you out bread and olive oil. Oh My Gosh. Delicious, if I have a food vice, it's def bread and olive oil. They serve an olive oil infused with fresh herbs, amazing. I was not a huge fan of their bread, but served with the olive oil, amazing. 
I ordered from the Arni (lamb) portion of their menu choosing Exohikon $20.95 (specialty of Taverna, small morsels of lamb baked with three cheese, artichokes, pees, carrots, onions and pine nuts wrapped in Filo). Delicious. Lamb was cooked perfectly and all the flavors went really well together. Not a fan of the sides(rice-bleh, veggies-ok), but the main dish was spectacular.
Rosie ordered the Branzini fish special $26.95, so I am not quite sure what it was exactly. She said it was cooked and seasoned perfectly. I tried it and it wasn't bad but I am not a fan of fish. It came to the table looking like this and Rosie said the look on my face was priceless-I am assuming it was a look of horror or disgust.
Luckily the offer to debone it for you table side and she took them up on that offer. 
I would come back here again in a heartbeat (not too often, it is a little pricey). Food was excellent and so was the service. This place was packed , but service was still good, servers were friendly and they did not make you seem rushed at all. 

If you go, I highly recommend the patio, it's adorable and makes you feel (almost) that you could be sitting somewhere in Greece enjoying your meal. 

818 King Street
Old Town Alexandria, VA
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Enough gushing about wonderful food, now on to Artomatic-a really cool art art festival in Crystal City. 

Sadly we only had time to check out 1 1/2 floors before our hunger took over, but after seeing the peeps pics on a coworkers phone, that was what we decided to make a priority. 

 And you know...just chilling with my Peep :) 


  1. This does look like a place that really has it together. Great greek food and a wonderful atmosphere. The lamb really does look delicious! Also the art show looks like a lot of fun, very unusual use of peeps! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. The lamb looks great the fish looks pretty a bit on the wild side