Monday, June 11, 2012

Sweet Berry

Frozen yogurt is the new cupcake craze least in the NOVA area. This is a trend I can definetly jump on. I love froyo. The other day when I was getting ready to go to Trader Joe's I realized I had not eaten lunch (or breakfast...bad I know-it happens). Instead of buying out TJ's due to hunger, I decided to stop by Sweet Berry to satisfy my hunger.
Although I state I love frozen yogurt, I truly just love the original tart yogurt flavor. I don't like any of the other flavors because I can taste the sugar in them and it's to much for me. Sadly the original yogurt was out, and I began to get depressed that this excursion was going to be a fail, but luckily out of all the flavors you see there, I found a Mango Peach something TART yogurt. Win, it was delicious and tart. I also tried a little of the chocolate and it was pretty good.
Then comes the toppings, they had an awesome selection but I stuck with my usual, fruit and almonds. I am a creature of habit what can I say.
They also have gelato, and I sampled the Tiramisu flavor-delicious! In total my yogurt came to $2.45 and I found of the credit card minimum is $5. I ended up buying 2 $1 bottles of water and then she let me swipe my card for just under the $5. Bottom line, carry cash or fill up your cup.

I would def stop by here again and get some more tart and delicious froyo!

9432 Main Street
Fairfax, VA
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  1. They must have redone that place recently. When I was living over there it was not a self serve place. I'll have to go back and try it out. But just fyi pretty much ALL of their gelato is AMAZING!

  2. Looks great! Fun blog just found you on foodbuzz! I am very excited to be your newest follower. If you get a chance stop by my blog
    Have a great day can't wait to see what food you get to try next!

  3. I wanna go!! I don't think we have ANYTHING like that around here. Also no Trader Joes close by, but there are rumors.

  4. I think I have only seen 1 frozen yogurt place in the Dallas area. For some reason those shops are not as popular here in Texas. However, I am so glad to find out that they are opening a Trader Joe's! Hurrah! We went there, but they were not yet open. Perhaps TJ's will have a lot of goodies including frozen yogurt. The shop you went to does have a lot to choose from in the way of toppings and flavors-yum!