Wednesday, June 27, 2012

St Patty's Day in Hoboken, Pizza ALLL DAY: Bennys and Giovannis

In early February I visited on of my best friends who lives in Hoboken and it just happened to be the weekend they celebrated St Patty's day. They celebrate it a week or two earlier then the 17th (so they don't compete with NYC maybe??) and it is quite an adventure-people come from all over.

People wake up earlyyyyyyyy to start drinking. We woke up around 930/10 and headed to the liquor store to pick up some goodies and get some Pizza from Benny Tudino's for breakfast (can you tell how wonderful of a day this is turning out to be). It was pretty good, better then you can get from most places in NOVA. The only downside was that it was cold, guess they didn't heat it up before they gave it to us.
When we were walking to the party, we stopped by Benny's so I could take a picture of the outside, and they pizza guys in the window kept on getting me to try and take photos of them tossing the dough, so I of course humored them and did it. 
(201) 792-4132
622 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ
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After that we ended to a ALL day St Patty's day party where they had a ton of wonderful food and Pizza place numero dos for lunch-Giovanni's. This place was AMAZING. There was one chicken and one plain cheese. Both great :) 
And as a side note for this party, I did my first Keg Stand EVER. I never did it in college but for some reason it felt right here...maybe because people started chanting my name. 
And later around 11ish when we got back after exploring some of the city, we ordered pizza from Giovanni's again. This time we got half Hawaiian and half Cheese. Both Amazing. 

This is the pizza I have been waiting for all my life. Not quite but it was pretty darn amazing, I am seriously jealous we do not have this sort of quality pizza in day. 

(201) 714-4232
603 Washington St
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  1. Can anyone go wrong with pizza? It's never disappointing!

  2. Sounds like fun, but how was the hangover?

  3. woohooo sounds like fun