Friday, June 15, 2012

McDonalds Cherry Berry Smoothie and Spicy Chicken McBites

The other day I caved...I was feeling quite lazy and decided to take a stop by McDonald's to fulfill my salt/french fry need. I saw that they had a couple of new products and I had to try them out.

Cherry Berry Smoothie. Very good, sweet-tasted like an icier cherry Slurpee. I'd order this again.
Spicy Chicken McBites. I normally stay away from meat when I eat fast food but being weak to advertisements I decided to give the snack-size a try because they looked so appealing on poster board. These were pretty good, I'd order this over any of the other meat products.
Yes these pictures are taken on my bed...sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do :)

Check out my drink post from McDonalds from last summer...I hear they still have the Strawberry Lemonade drink...bleh.


  1. I have to admit it has been an exceptionally long time since I had anything from McDonalds. I would probably be shocked at their choices on the menu if I took a look. The smoothie does look refreshing! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Jay Leno once joked that those chicken bites are really leftover crumbs. I'm guilty of the occasional drive-thru trip too, only because my 4-year-old daughter eats it.

  3. Hahah ok this is absolutely perfect that I saw your post today :) I went to McDonald's with my little brother yesterday for the first time in maybe 4 years...? I honestly don't know the last time, I forgot how GOOD those french fries are :) haha! and love that those pics were in your bed!

  4. the cherry berry is alot better than those lemon smoothie's they offer