Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mark and Picklebacks

I went to visit on of my best friends one weekend (don't forget about this too), and we ventured into the city Saturday night to go to an exhibit, Dialog in the Dark (life changing), eat dinner and try the famous Pickle-backs (ok we didn't come here specially for that, but when one of my friends told me it was down the road from where we were eating dinner, I had to stop by). 

Dani had actually been to this exhibit (Dialog in the Dark) a few times and when we arranged a weekend for me to come up she said that she had something life changing for me to do. I quickly researched it and I was down to go. Basically it takes you on a "tour" of NYC through the steps of a visually impaired/blind person. Sure we can all close our eyes and pretend for a moment to not be able to see, but this exhibit gives you the chance to "walk a mile in their shoes." I can't even imagine for a moment what I would do if I lost my eye sight, but this exhibit was refreshing and for a split second gave me a look into what a life without sight would be like. It's hard to explain, but if you are ever in the city when this exhibit is here, or in another city where they have the exhibit I highly recommend taking a moment and trying it out.

One of my childhood friends, my brother from another mother lives/works in the city so he was able to come meet us for dinner at a slider place called Mark. Perfect, delicious and quick, what more do you need?

I ordered the Bacon Double Slider $5.50. Taking a page out of Rachel Ray's book, Yum-O. Everything a slider should be-gooey cheese and delicious bacon.
I also got a side of fries $3.75.
My friends also tried the Chili Cheese Fries $6.00 and they raved about them.

They also had different ketchup/dipping sauces on the table. The four that they had were Ketchup, Chipotle Ketchup, Jalapeno sauce, and BBQ sauce. I love the Chipotle and the Jalapeno.
For me the Double Slider and the side of normal fries was more then enough for a complete meal. Jimmy suggested that people normally get 2-3 mini sliders for a normal meal and split fries with someone (boys and their never ending stomachs).

Perfect laid back slider place for a relaxed dinner that will not break the bank in the city. They also have shakes, beer and wine but I just stuck with water because I had a cold and we had celebrated St Patty's day earlier in Hoboken so we were all a little worn out.
33 St Marks Place
New York, NY
Mark on Urbanspoon

Jimmy lives in the Tribeca area...JEALOUS, so he knows all the fun places to go around the area. My friend D lives right outside the city so she was grilling him about all the cool bars and stuff there. He brought up Picklebacks(jameson chased with pickle juice) and after hearing about them from this lovely blog, I immediately put in my request to try this place. After dinner we wandered over to The 13th Step Bar and Grill to try the shots. 3 shots of Jameson with chasers of pickle juice for $10.50, great deal.
I am not really sure how I feel about the pickle juice chaser though. I think I prefer the Jameson on its on without a chaser. Great experience nonetheless. However, the bar was not a place I would come back to. It kind of reminded me of a out of control frat party, the bathrooms were trashed already at 9 o clock. I went to go use it, and the toilet seats were half off the toilets, floors were sticky, tp and broken glass everywhere.

Anyways...great trip, I am making another trip to NYC/Hoboken in a couple of exciteddddddd!!!

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