Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Caesars Pizza

After seeing countless commercials and receiving about a million ads in the mail for Little Caesars Pizza I decided that I would finally give it a try seeing that one just opened right by my house. The appeal of Little Caesar's is that you do not have to call ahead, you just stop by and pick up you want and it's ready.

We decided to do the family offering for $9 which includes crazy bread, a pizza and a 2L of soda (Pepsi products) and then we got a second pizza for $5 since we were feeding 5.

We got one cheese and one pepperoni. Both were good, worth the $5 for the pizza. The fam all agreed that this was pretty good.
The "crazy" breadsticks and "crazy" sauce were amazing. I may or may not have eaten 4/8 sticks that were in the package. Needless to say that was the majority of my dinner (I tried a slice of cheese so I could comment on it)
Verdict? For the price everything was pretty good. I prefer this over frozen pizza and since it is located right next to my grocery store...if I am ever in the mood for frozen pizza-I will prob just walk over and pick up this instead. What I got convertibility fed a family of five with a few pieces left over for $14, I would say that is pretty good and it was kid friendly. You just need to keep in mine this is a place of as "fast food" and you will be happy. 

7436 Little River Turnpike
Annandale, VA 22003


  1. thanks for your comment hun! loved hearing from ya :)! and btw, little ceasars pizza is my mommas & hubbys faaaaavorite! it's cheap and delicious! yummy!


  2. It's funny that you say a location just opened near your home because I remember my folks ordering from there when I was a kid.

  3. I remember as a kid getting little Caesar pizza for dinner. they use to give out these little red men action figures. lol anyways though I remember the bread stick being awesome too!

  4. i like dominos pizza a lot! including their stuffed cheese bread. also, i'm having a $50 gift card giveaway!

  5. I'm a fan of bread sticks, I'll eat them even with out sauce don't have any one on particular as a favor,like I say on the beginning,(I like every one of them)

  6. I remember Little Ceaser pizza as a child it was great those commercials "pizza pizza" for five bucks its great!

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