Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cayuga Lake Creamery

Cayuga Lake + Creamery = Amazingness. My family has had a lake house on Cayuga Lake forEVER and it's a favorite vacation place for everyone to come together. This is just a recent discovery, probably the past 5 years. Since discovering this place, we usually go every night while we are on vacation - it's tradition. Plus swimming around all day - we need the extra calories for energy :)

They let you try samples of the ice cream so I usually will sample 1-2 or two different flavors.
That being said - I usually stick to the cookie dough. Absolute amazingness and plentiful in cookie dough and chocolate chunks
Coffee ice cream below is a fav of my uncles when he needs a "buzz" of energy. If he doesn't need the caffeine he usually gets the cookie dough. I do have to say they do a pretty darn coffee here - you can see the coffee in the ice cream if you look closely- it is rich full bodied yummyness.
They also make a pretty darn good brownie fudge sunday - a favorite of my moms! 
I cant vouch for the food, but I go to the Creamery for the get ice-cream, and they do that wonderfully. They have creative flavors, great quality and homemade ice cream, which is all you need in life sometimes. If you are in the Cayuga Lake area this is a must! I suggest the cookie dough :)

They also have a scoop card which is awesome, I love rewards cards :) *update 7/6/15 - their rewards system is still online, but they will still recognize the scoop card*

update: I went here again later in the week while on vacation and my cousin and I got to the Creamery 15 minutes before it opened, but the manager let us in to get ice cream....great customer service for ya!

8421 State Rte 89
Interlaken, NY

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