Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lovettsville Pizza and Family !

My stepsister and her family live out in the Leesburg area and during one of those visits Jeff discovered Lovettsville Pizza, currently his favorite pizza place. After watching one of my nieces play soccer we decided to pick up pizza for the family afterwards so I could try this coveted and wonderous pizza. 

Because J loves pepperoni we ordered a large 16'' $12.79 + $2.50.
My mom and I were looking for something a little different and I like variety so we ordered a small 12'' 1/2 cheese 1/2 onions $9.89 + $1.40. 
Then we split a garden salad to get some greens in our diet. Nothing special, just your run of the mill garden salad $4.99. 
Got a Large soft drink...this photo does not do the large drink justice-it was humongous! 
As far as the pizza goes, I liked it but it was not my favorite-I didn't have an instant OMGOSH this is the best pizza ever reaction. It is def better then any fast food pizza you can get and I wouldn't be upset visiting here again in the future

Some fun photos from that day that I found on my phone-my adorable twin nieces who at the time we just introduced to the camera function on the iPhone where you can reverse the camera and look at yourself while taking the pic. 

26 E Broad Way # D
(540) 822-5546

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  1. The pizza does look good, but it takes a lot for me to say anything is the best I have ever eaten, especially when it comes to pizza. I would have liked the pepperoni one here.
    It is neat that you found those photos-your nieces are so cute!