Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alexandria Cupcake

After a awesome birthday dinner, we decided to venture over to Alexandria Cupcake for dessert. We all know my weakness, not really liking cupcakes, but having the need to stop by any cupcake store I pass and try some out. Luckily this place was not a disappointing. 

Dark chocolate: Premium dark chocolate cake with a Belgian cocoa rouge buttercream frosting: Frosting was ok, but the cake was dry and not very flavorful
Red Velvet: Alexandria Cupcake's signature cupcake. Classic buttermilk cake with a combination of cream cheese and buttercream frosting: Moist flavorful cake, delicious cream cheese frosting
Chocolate Peanut Butter: Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting: My mom liked her cupcake and the PB frosting was heavenly
I believe I got Jeff the Raspberry Vanilla cupcake which he seemed to enjoy.
Because I was dissatisfied with my cupcake and it wasss my birthday, I decided that I would try another cupcake. I went for the Guinness Cupcake with Irish Creme Frosting. WOW. Amazing, flavorful, moist, delicious. I can see why it is a top seller. I made my mom, Jeff and Jessie try it and they all liked it.
Jessie thought they were so good, that she bought the remaining ones (3) to bring home to her fiance and roommates. She also purchased a Lemon: Lemon cake with a lemon buttercream frosting because we overheard one of the workers recommending this to someone. I stole some of the icing off of this cake (Amazing) and she told me that the lemon was better then the Guinness.
I was very pleased with my experience here except for the glitch with the Dark Chocolate cupcakes. Out of all the places I have been in this area, this place has had the most consistent good, flavorful, moist cakes. I highly recommend this place.

1022 King Street
Alexandria, VA
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  1. Aw you aren't far from me. I am yet to explore Alexandria more. I know there are such gems of places in town and I am literally 10 minutes away and visit more often!

  2. I'm glad you found a yummy cupcake to celebrate your family would have been bummed about the dry chocolate ones!

  3. Happy Birthday April!! Glad you got a cupcake you looks amazing!! And Irish Cream frosting? Cound me in. Yum!

  4. Perfect frosting swirls, April - very well crafted and delicious appearance!

  5. Aw perfect way to celebrate your birthday! I can never resist a pretty cupcake :) The guinness one sounds awesome!

  6. April, now I want a cupcake :) These all look so awesome, not sure I could decide on just one!