Monday, April 16, 2012

Tequila Grande

Before watching a Lacrosse Game for the first time ever (wooooo...) my friend Rosie and I decided to meet up for dinner before hand (my requirement for going to a game) and we decided on Tequila Grande. I thought margaritas would be necesary before watching.
I got there really early so I kept myself busy with their happy or "power" hour menu.
I got a $4 Original Margarita on the rocks. It was pretty good and it packed a punch. By the time I finished it I was feeling it.
On the power hour menu, you are eligible for $1 taco each drink you get, so I got one with shredded beef. The beef was pretty good, but other then that I literally felt like I just went to Giant and bought a pack of hard tacos, added some meat and threw some cheese on top.
The Chips and Salsa were decent. Nothing spectacular.
After Rosie arrived we split an order of Guacamole $5.95. It was pretty fresh tasting although it was super smooth and blended, did not have the chunky fresh made texture to it.
I ordered the Small Steak Quesadilla $7.95.  This was a good sized quesadilla and I was happy with my order. By this time I was so stuffed I ended up taking it to go to give it to my friend who coached the lax team.
Rosie got a Salad $9.95 with chicken and no dressing. She enjoyed her salad and was impressed that the meat was cooked well (not dry at all).
I almost forgot the best part, the Mango Margarita $6.95 (alright maybe not the best, but pretty darn tasty) It had a very prominent mango flavor, no fake/artificial taste.
This place was pretty good, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, but the service was ok. This place does not seem fit to handle a crowd, so if you go, I would go during a non peak time. I ordered a burger to go for my friend coaching the lax team, and it took probably about 20-30 minutes to receive and we could barely flag down the waiter for anything.

444 Maple Ave W
Vienna, VA
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  1. This one sounds like it had some good with the bad, but as many tex mex restaurants that are around here, I would not be going back. There is too many in the metroplex to have to put up with any bad. However, I am glad you and Rosie had a get together which sometimes good company makes up for the bad aspects. Thanks for sharing your lunchtime outing.

  2. Okay.. I think I need that mango margarita now!! Drop by my blog today and collect a versatile blogger award!! You deserve it. :)