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Rehboth Beach Summer 2011: El Dorado & Nic-o-boli

I love the beach...I just never seem to get there it seems (hopefully that will change now that I have friends that live near the ocean, in FLORIDA!). However for the past couple of summers a group of friends and I make an annual beach trip to Rehoboth for a weekend and we managed to sneak in a last minute trip this summer.

Car and I left early Friday am and started our trip. She has a jeep so we decided to rock out and put the top down. I only put sunscreen on my face and shoulders...thinking that it would be sufficient to protect myself. Needless to say the right half of my body got burned from having my leg and arm out the window. We also got stuck behind this chicken truck...on one of the hottest days of summer. Miserable, can't tell you how many times I almost threw up.
After spending the day at the beach and hitting the liquor store...liquor is sooooooo much cheaper in Rehboth then NOVA we decided to get a bite to eat while we waited for everyone else. After searching and deciding on Mexican we finally picked a place near our hotel, El Dorado.
C and I both got steak quesadillas which were delicious. We also split a side of chips and I am pretty sure we ended taking some back with us.Their salsa bar was decent, we both LOVED the chipotle ranch like salsa, and the pico de gallo was pretty tasty too. The others were ok, I could take it or leave it.
And Margaritas, I got mine on the rocks, C got hers frozen. After one drink we were both feeling the effects, no skimping on the tequilla here.

Grade: B
18766 John J Williams Highway
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
El Dorado Restaurant on Urbanspoon

On day to we went to the Boardwalk to eat dinner and decided on the bustling Nic-O-Boli's. It was packed but we only had to wait about 15 minutes before we got a seat.
They have a pretty decent happy hour so our table all got a couple of rum and cokes and something fruity and delicious. 
We started off with an appetizer of normal fries and cheese fries. Both good.
We all got strombolis. Half our party got the regular with pepperoni put in it but I decided to be different and order it with spinach instead. The sauce originally comes with meat in it but you can request it not to have the meat in the stromboli.

As far this place goes, it was pretty good for being on the board walk. They were efficient, able to manage a crowd and their food was pretty good. I would consider coming back here again in the future. 

Grade B-

8 N 1st St
Ste 1

Rehoboth BeachDE

And just because I am ridiculously mature, took a picture of this that was in the windows of one of the stores on the Rehoboth Boardwalk. 

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