Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oxford, Eagle and Child Pub + then some

I miss London. This was my first visit outside of the big city, and I was charmed by the smaller towns and countrysides of England. 

For lunch the group decided to go to the famous Eagle and Child Pub, a hangout for J.R. Tolkein and CS Lewis. Yes, total tourist trap, but I mean come on, who would miss a chance to geek it up and experience this? Luckily we didn't have to end up waiting and we found a cute corner table. They have a new menu featured so I am not sure if the beef and chicken pies my roommate and ordered were the exact same thing.
I ordered a beef pie...holy moley it was amazing. The meat was tender, the crust was flaky and the meaty filling was full of flavor. A popular tourist destination it may be, but the food was stellar.
The roommate ordered the chicken pie which she fully enjoyed and everyone else was pleased with their choices. 
I tried a Strawberry Lime Cider and quickly fell in love with, and must find somewhere in the US that sells it asap.
I am not an expert on British Food, but Eagle and Child seemed like it had all the makings of a great pub-history, food and environment. The beef pie I had here was one of my favorite meals of my three weeks in England. Worth stopping by and grabbing a meal.

49 St Giles'
OxfordUK OX1 3LU
(018) 653-0292 
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Enough about food, I mean I was in Oxford wasn't I. Great destination, a def must see if you are in of Harry Potter were filmed here (need I say more). Perfect place to be. I loved the architecture, the history and the overall environment. I wish we had more towns like this in the US. It was also graduation time so we got to see all the students walking around in their awesome Caps and Gowns...makes me wish I went to a more prestigious school so I could have the same attire.
Harry Potter Dining Hall
more of the HP dining hall



  1. Your trip sounds fantastic! Both of those pot pies look incredible and I would have totally geeked out seeing all the Harry Potter places!! I need to make a trip out there, looks wonderful!

  2. No doubt this was a memorable trip. I do love English cuisine and the locations where Harry Potter was filmed is something not to be missed. I so want to visit there, someday I will. Have a great weekend April.

  3. OK, you can probably tell by the name of my blog that I'm a total Tolkien fan! Must make it to that pub someday. :)

  4. What fabulous photos! Isn't it wonderful when a touristy spot ends up having amazing food? That doesn't happen too often~