Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Osaka Japanese Grill

It was Jeff's birthday the other day, and for some reason my family seems to be obsessed with Japanese Steak Houses so we ventured to Osaka in Gainesville for a late lunch. If you haven't ever been to Japanese steak house it is definitely a must-do at least once in your life. They cook the food in front of you and it is a very cool dining experience. Most of the steak houses that I have been to have sushi, so the group ordered some too. They all seemed to like it, and being the daring person that I am, I decided to try 2 of the rolls. Not sure quite what they were, but one had cream cheese and salmon which I thought was pretty good. The other reminded me of a California roll, and I ate it, but it was not my favorite.
When you order you choose your protein, then a side (chicken livers, shrimp or mushrooms). After you order, they bring you out some sort of soup with your meal. I am not a huge fan of it.
Next comes the salad, which I loved the dressing of. It was just a simple salad of lettuce, tomato and dressing and that is all I needed.
Then the chef came out to start preparing our meal, prepping the cooking surface and lighting it on fire!
They give you two sauces with your meal, Yum Yum Sauce which everyone but me loves, and the Terayki-like sauce which I like. Personally I think the food has enough flavor where you don't really need the sauces, but they are a nice addition
Then he starts prepping the food that takes a little longer to cook, like the chicken livers. I tried one and I was not thrilled by it, taste wise it was o.k, but texture wise I couldn't do it. Important thing is I tried it. Not wanting me to spit it out my mom told me to suck it up and drink something and swallow it quickly.
He then made the fried rice, which was good, and then he served the veggies...also good.
I ordered the Filet Mignon Medium Rare and it was cooked perfectly. The terayaki sauce complimented the meat, but I ate most of it plain.
Shrimp which was a hit.
Chicken was also delicious.
And they brought out a piece of cake for Jeff and we all sang happy birthday! woo. All in all it was a good lunch.
Its not my favorite type of restaurant but I always end up leaving happy when I go to a Japanese Steak House. I think most Japanese Steak Houses taste the same and this place is no exception to the yummyness. Fair warning that if you have a smaller party you will be expected to share a table with other diners. If you are in the area and you are looking for a fun dining experience this is the place to go. Its a little pricey but you more then get your moneys worth with all the food served to you.

7447 Linton Hall Road
Gainesville, VA
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  1. I just love Hibachi restaurants like that! Unfortunately we have like 1 in the city...I'm not really sure where it is and I heard it's not all that great anyway. All of the meat looks delicious! I tried chicken liver one time and I think that was enough for me! Now you've got me craving hibachi!

  2. Happy birthday to Jeff! I have been to one of these type of restaurants and always enjoyed it. The variety of food and well as the floor show does make them worth going back to. You did choose a great place to celebrate, every plating picture here looks delicious!

  3. My guess is that that's miso soup.
    There's a couple places like that around here, and I love them. Always lots of fun, and the food is so good! And kids love it.

  4. I love Japanese Steak Houses... this looks great. :)

  5. The shrimp,chicken and steak looks amazing! I didnt think there was anything in Gainsville, if im ever in the area i have definite plans of stopping there. Looks like the chef was pretty entertaining as well.

  6. There is a sushi restaurant also called Osaka that is located in Springfield that is awesome! If you get a chance to go, you have to try the TNT roll, the Spider roll and the Volcano Roll. :) Plus, the Tempura Fried Green Tea ice cream is a nice meal finisher :)