Wednesday, April 11, 2012

O'Brien's in Annapolis and Easter Weekend Part 1

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend! I know I had a fun-filled and memorable weekend filled with lots of wonderful family (that means you Joey and Luke!). Although we had lots of wonderful food, we only dined out once (twice if you count ice-cream) when we went to Annapolis to explore the area. My uncle wanted to show his kids the US Naval Academy and get some fresh seafood. Since I am not the biggest fan of fish and neither are my cousins we had to find a good in between.
Most of the restaurants right by the water were packed but if you walked up a block you could find a table at most of the restaurants a little bit farther away from the water. We ended up going to O'Briens's Oyster Bar and Restaurant. We were seated promptly in what I would assume turns into a dance floor at night. Open space, but pretty dark for a lunch.

We were served pretty promptly at the beginning with our drinks and putting in the order for our appetizers, but after that service started to go downhill. It took forever to get our appetizers, and we were all starving by the time they arrived.

Joey and Luke split an order of Chicken Tenders. I was impressed with the quality of the tenders and the fries were a hit.
Then the rest of us split Hot Crab Dip $13.95 (Lump crab folded with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and spices). This dip was disappointing. There was barely any crab in the dip. If there had been crab this dip would have had potential.
Crab Balls $Market Price (A miniature version of our jumbo lump crab cakes, served with cocktail and tartar sauce, crackers, and lemons). This was average.
Oysters Rockefeller $11.25 (Fresh shucked Oysters with a traditional Spinach mixture, finished w/ hollandaise). The family seemed to like this, I didn't try it, but they have all stated they had better.
For my entree I got the Cayenne Burger $10.50 (candied-cayenne bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, lettuce, Tomato, Pickle and Chipotle Ranch). This burger had the makings to be wonderful, and you would think it had a ton of flavor based on what was on it but it was just bland, none of the flavors were prominent but the burger was cooked like I requested. The highlight of the meal were the Curly Fries...amazing.
My aunt got the Old Salt Burger $9.50 (just your normal burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions). She thought it was decent.
My Uncle and Jeff both ordered the Fish and Chips $11.95 (fresh whitefish lightly breaded and deep fried to a golden brown, served with french fries). This was edible at best, the fish was not cripsy at all, but they both ate their meals.
My mom ordered the Open Faced Crab McClusky $15.95 (Jumbo Lump Crab Imperial on toasted
Italian bread, topped with Swiss cheese and baked). My mom really enjoyed her meal, I had a bite and it was pretty good. She was probably the only one besides Joey and Luke that were really satisfied with their meal.
Joey ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the kids menu. He gave it a B+? (said his dad made better) and Luke ordered the PB and J sandwich A- (said his Mom made better).
AND here is the kid's menu, not listed online in case you were curious.
This place was ok. The lack of taste in the food would have been more manageable if the service had been better. The kitchen was slow and the waitstaff didn't really seem able to manage the lunch "rush" (I say it like that because it wasn't SUPER busy, but there were a decent amount of people there). Case in point I got so bored/ancy waiting for things I started coloring.
While this place wasn't horrible, it also was not good, and the time and money here made it not worth it. For being right by the water I would have expected a little more. We all would have been happier at Subway or Moe's (in the area). Luckily the company was good so the dining experience was still enjoyable.

Grade: C-
Stars: ★1/2

Stay tuned for part 2 of Easter Weekend!
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  1. You would think that a restaurant would take extra care to make sure everything was in order for Easter weekend! Sometimes managers just do not have enough forethought. I had a similar experience on Mother's day.
    The variety of food looks decent enough, but I know the real tell is in the taste. Sorry it was sub par-looking forward to part 2!