Saturday, April 14, 2012

Kilwin's Ice Cream and Easter Weekend Part 2

Yay for Easter. To make up for the not so nice lunch we had, we ventured across the street to Kilwin's Ice Cream. It was packed but it moved quickly.
Cakebatter, Pretty good, not a fan of this flavor in general, but this is my favorite version that I have tried
I ordered Cappucino Chocolate Chip. I loved it!
The cousins got the SUPERMAN, an assortment of sorbets I believe, and they both liked it a lot.
Think this one was chocolate chip, and it was pretty good.
The ice-cream was delicious, perfect on a sunny day. They also have a lot of chocolate and fun candies which looked delicious, next time I am in the area, I may have to swing by and pick some up!

Stay tuned for a delicious breakfast/brunch recipe and Easter Part 3!!! 

Grade: B+
128 Main Street
Annapolis, MD
 Kilwins on Urbanspoon


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