Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cafe Rio Mexican Grill

I was driving to Target the other day and I saw that there was a new restaurant, Cafe Rio, in the shopping center in Falls Church, so I quickly told my mom about it as we share a love for Mexican aka Guacamole. We actually enjoyed it so much the first time, we came here the next night because we were both to lazy to cook.

After that I picked up food to go for my friend and I one night. I have been here a total of 3 times so I feel like I have gotten a pretty good run of the place.

For some reason one of my favorite things about this place is their drink options. They have an amazing selection of drinks to try. A full soda selection (not super exciting, but I guess its good to have options), a whole bunch of different teas to try and a selection of fun lemonades/limades....including my fave out of their selection...Mint Limeade. Yum. I of course had to try all that they had to offer and all of the choices were different and creative.
I've tried their quesadillas and tostados and I prefer the quesadillas. Nothing beats Chipotle's rice. NOTHING. Cafe Rio does make their own tortillas which is pretty cool, and you can see them making it while you go through the line. 
As far as their meats go, I have tried everything except for the Shredded Chicken Breast. 
Chile Roasted Beef (shredded): delicious with a slight kick
Fire Grilled Steak: The first time I had this it was amazing and tender. The 2nd time around it was meh
Sweet Pork Barbacoa: They are not kidding about sweet, it was ridiculously sweet and I could not eat it. sweet + meat are not my combo apparently.
Fired Grilled Chicken: Tasty, typical grilled chicken. 
One of my favorite things here is their Tomatillo Dressing (house dressing) that is amazing, pretty much put it on everything, I could take or leave their Vinaigrette.
Their salsas are ok-I like the spicy one the best, and their guac is good although I don't like how they put the pico de gallo on top before they serve it, kind of weird
Chipotle is still my favorite, but this place is a good alternative that is worth trying. Plus their interior is awesome, love their tables and seats! They also have a frequent buyers card which I think is awesome, great way to get people coming back! 

6108 Arlington Boulevard 
Falls ChurchVA 

(703) 962-9100

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  1. I will say that Chipotle is a tough one to beat, love their food. In reading this I would say that I would have to stop by just to try some of their drinks-the lime mint does sound refreshing. Pretty cool atmosphere as well. Thanks for sharing your visit to Cafe Rio!

  2. I'm now in the mood for Mexican for dinner :) And a huge limeade, too! Looks like a great spot to dine :)

  3. Mmm I love all the lemon/limeade options! That strawberry one sounds delicious! The interior is super cute, love the tables. I'm not a huge fan of mexican food but your making me hungry for some right now! :)

  4. Looks good the strawberry lemonade automatically puts it next to chipotle for me!

  5. Service is what brings the whole experience together. It doesn't matter if it is a five star establishment or not, if the service is bad, it can and will ruin the entire outing. phoenix Mexican restaurant