Thursday, April 19, 2012

Afghan Kabob House

I've actually been to Afghan Kabob House twice now, both with groupon deals.

Ground beef: delicious, favorite meat that I have had here.
Boneless Chicken: moist, cooked well
"Sams Chicken" aka ground chicken: bland/boring
Naan: Good, but it gets hard and not tasty pretty quickly
Saffron Rice: Haven't been to thrilled with the rices here, stick to the veggie sides.
Chick Peas: Decent
Spinach: Ok, need a more ethnic flare, taste to it.
Eggplant: Arlight, not a fan of the texture of the
Lentils: average
Potatoes: average
Veggie/Meat Samosa: meh, nothing special
Gyro Wrap: Ok as a sandwich, doesnt really fufill your need if you are craving a gyro
Overall this place is decent-like I said previously, both times I have come, I have had groupon deals and that is probably the only way that I would be back. I have yet to find a kabob place that has the full package for me, except for The Moby Dicks chain, but even they are lacking in their veggie options. This place is decent for a quick bite and the service has been friendly both times I have been here.

2045 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
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  1. I have not been to kabob place in ages... but I have searched high and low for the chickpea curry recipe from Moby Dicks. I can eat it by the vats. :) This place sounds okay... but not someplace I would search out. Thanks for the info.

  2. Very authentic looking. Who couldn't love these combination of spices and flavors? Not to mention the healthfulness of the cuisine.