Monday, March 19, 2012

Mexicali Blues

Last week was happy its finally getting warm and sunny! To celebrate the warm weather, some friends and I met the other night at Mexicali Blues for dinner on the patio! Finally...eating outside is so much better.

For happy hour they had $4 Margaritas and $2.50 Coronas so we each partook in that. I got the Margarita which was ok, I'd suggest just sticking to beer. My friend Lili got a marg too, and hers was horrible, someone seriously messed up hers.
The Chips and Salsa served were good, average chips and salsa.
They were having a special for $2 Enchiladas, so we each got 2. They let you choose your stuffing....pork, beef, chicken, papas refritos or bean and cheese. Lili and I got the same stuffing (beef and pork) while Rommie got chicken and beans & cheese.
Pork: Lili and I both agreed this was our favorite, flavored well.
Beef: Ok, There was something about the flavor I didn't like but the texture was good.
Chicken: A little dry
Beans and Cheese: Good, Rommie liked this one the best.

While I am not upset I went here, I will probably not return here in the future. The service wasn't good (although Rommie and Lili said it wasn't bad when there were only a few people outside), although maybe they were just been understaffed. Drinks were ehh, and the food was ok. Rommie and Lili's enchiladas were served cold, while mine was lukewarm. Luckily the company was good and the weather was gorgeous. Afterwards we wandered to Boccato Gelato and Expresso to get some gelato. Yum.

Grade: C
2933 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
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