Friday, March 16, 2012

District Taco

I've heard a lot about District Taco so I was really happy I finally tried it. I went with my friend and we got the meal to go since it was a Thursday night and there was a lot of tv to be watched (Community, Archer and catching up on Wed nights Psych!). There is a lot of seating in the restaurant, which is good because I hear it can get pretty packed.

There was a line when we got there, but it moved pretty quickly. One of my friends drove by the other night and said the line was out the door, not sure I would have ventured in if that had been the case last night. Once we ordered we were given a number and then I promptly went to the salsa bar and got one of each of the salsas for us to try. There was a Salsa Verde (ok, not my favorite), Chiltomate, medium (ok, mild flavor) and Mestizo, hot (my favorite, and there was a kick). The bar also included chopped jalapenos, onions, cilantro, limes and pico de gallo-awesome.
I got 2 tacos $2.25 each (the restaurant suggests 3 a person, but 2 was the perfect amount for me). One taco with the Barbacoa and one with the Carne Asada, both topped with Pico de gallo and lettuce. The barbacoa was delicious, and the carne asada was ok, I got a couple grisly pieces so that turned me off to it. I would def order the barbacoa again. I also love how they are on flour tortillas because I am not a fan of the corn. The great thing about the tacos is that there are a ton of toppings to chose from so you can get exactly what you want/like.
My friend got the Burrito Mojado $8 (black beans, cheese, Salsa de Chili, sour cream, lettuce & tomato) and he chose the Barbacoa as well. He liked his meal, and said it had quite a kick to it, which they do warn you about when ordering. This was big enough for 2 people, def get your moneys worth out of it.
We decided to split and order of Large Chips and Guacamole $5.50. Very good portion for the guac, and it was pretty good.
I liked this place, for what it and quick Mexican, the food was really good, portions and prices were excellent and every employee that I interacted with was very nice.

Grade: B+

5723 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA
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  1. Mexicana is my favorite!! I'll definitely be checking this place out when I visit Arlington again... which happens approximately once every 3 years ;)

  2. Tex-Mex always gets my vote and this place does sound pretty tasty for the price. The burrito Mojado looks amazing-yum! Also, too many restaurants do skimp on the guacamole, but obviously not this one. Great pick for lunch or dinner-thanks for sharing.