Monday, March 12, 2012

China Cafe

I was feeling particularly lazy last night so I decided to order Chinese food from a place right by my apartment, China Cafe. I overloaded on food of course-not being able to make up my mind. 
I got what I thought would be a safe bet, the dish I usually first try and new Chinese restaurants, Cripsy Fried Beef ~$11.00. I was really disappointed by this dish. It was not properly covered in sauce or as crispy as it should have been. 
Fried dumplings (6) ~$5. This was the highlight of the meal, not the best dumplings, but pretty darn good, I actually just ended up eating these for dinner. 
Veggie Fried Rice (small) ~$4. They did not skimp on the veggies, but the flavor was pretty bland. 
Although this place didn't wow me I'd be willing to go order from here again. Its literally a minute drive or a couple minute walk depending how lazy I feel. Next time I need a quick fix for dinner I would consider ordering from here again, probably something with chicken in it, and def the dumplings. 

Grade: C-

1039 W Glebe Rd
Alexandria, VA 
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