Friday, February 17, 2012


Way back in high school, one of my good friends and I were trying to go to an Indian restaurant in the Worldgate Shopping Center in Herndon which ended up being closed. We stumbled upon TurCuisine and found an instant favorite. Fast forward many years, I saw a deal on Tippr for $15 for $30 worth of food and I knew I had to make the trip to Herndon again to try it. 

I decided to invite my friend Carrie to go with me since she has been to Turkey a few times and she has been craving Turkish food. We actually talked about going to this place a few weeks ago so the deal worked out.

I suggested splitting two things and said she could choose as long as it didn't involve seafood or anything with the bone in it. Both items we chose came with a garden salad and if you added $1 then you got to get a Greek or Coban salad. From what I could tell the Coban was a Greek with no lettuce and some more veggies. I got the Greek and Carrie got the Coban (not pictured).
The first entree that we split was the Iskendar Kebab $14 (Thinly sliced doner kebab place over small cubes of pita bread, topped with tomato sauce). This was really good, the tomato sauce was a little much for me, but mixed with the amazing yogurt sauce, just delicious.
The next thing we decided on was the Kofte $14 (Grilled ground lamb and beef patties prepared with onions, parsley and spices). Delicious. I loved every aspect of this dish from the meat, pita, rice, onions and especially the yogurt. 
Carrie decided to get a Turkish coffee to end her meal. When she asked for it plain, the server tried to talk her into adding sugar, so she ended up getting it semi-sweet. I understand that some people may not know what Turkish coffee is but they were way to pushy and went about it the wrong way.

I do have a bone to pick, and I am not sure if it is the restaurant or Tippr, but the deal I bought didn't work and we were told halfway through our meal. I guess the server called the manager and said that it wasn't working. I was then told I could come back in at 5 and talk to the manager (about what...I am not sure). I emailed Tippr and they gave me a full refund, but it could have been a potentially chaotic event.  I am trying to find out what went wrong.

The food was good, the prices were decent, I just wish I didn't live so far away from Herndon. 

Grade: B+

13029 Worldgate Drive

Herndon, VA
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  1. I just love turkish food, their falafel and shawarma is extremely delicious. These kababs and koftas lool mouth watering.