Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sabzi Kabobs and a sneak peak of Caribbean Corner

I had to run some errands during my lunch break so I decided that I would experiment and try something new in Old Town Fairfax. Fast forward a wasted hour of looking over menus at work I finally decided on Sabzi Authentic Persian Kabobs.

Before I wandered to Sabzi, I wanted to pick up a current menu for Caribbean Corner, located just around the corner. I got to chatting with the guy behind the counter and he asked if I wanted to try a sample of the jerk chicken, which I of course said yes to. To my surprise he brought me out a nice little collection of some of the food that they offer. If I was already wanting to try this place, but the niceness of the guy working there and the deliciousness of the food solidified my decision to return in the near future. I LOVED the plantains, the cabbage, rice and the jerk chicken, but it was bone-in, something I have to work at getting over.
After getting the sample I went to Sabzi to put my order in. I was looking forward to getting the Kubideh Kabob, but they ran out so I had to make another decision. I ended up deciding on the Spicy Chicken Kabob Platter $11.99. This was delicious! Would have preferred a little more spice to the chicken but all in all a good dish. They give you the option of getting all rice or getting 1/2 salad 1/2 rice so I chose to be healthy and go with that. They didn't give you any dressing with the salad, and I didn't have enough extra yogurt sauce so I didn't really eat much of it.
Bread, Yogurt and Green Dip (don't remember what it is called) are served with their meals.All delicious. The yogurt sauce was a good balance between the yogurt and the cucumber.
Overall a very good meal. I was a little upset about the kubideh being out since that is one of my favorite dishes, but luckily the deliciousness of the chicken made up for it. I split both of these meals with my coworker, and he liked them both a lot although he though the jerk chicken was a little spicy.

Grade: B+

4008 University Drive
Fairfax, VA
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  1. I love Caribbean food, especially the jerk chicken. It is irritating when you have something in mind and then the are out of it. That has happened to me during busy lunch hour. If I really am set on it-I will go back another time when it is not so busy or find another place that has it. That restaurant does need to get more prepared for business.
    Glad your second choice turned out to be tasty!

  2. Sounds like some fabulous carryout! Hope you can enjoy your favorite dish from there soon :)

  3. I can almost smell the fragrant rice... Persian rice is so aromatic!! I think I would definitely love this. :)