Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eastern Market, 7th Hill Pizza and Pitango Gelato

Back in August Teddy and I decided to go explore Eastern Market and get some lunch. Teddy bought some fruits and veggies and I bought some wonderful peaches...I miss summer. He was very excited about the mushroom.
I had told him that my last experience at 7th Hill was delicious we decided to split a pizza. I believe we got the Navy Yard 8" for $10.95 which includes tomato, toulouse sausage, oregano, pecorino. It was tasty except for the fact that I don't eat meat on my pizza, I prefer my previous choice of Barracks Row...delicious
Grade: B+
327 7th Street SE
Washington, DC
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Afterwards we wandered over to Pitango Gelato and had a couple of free samples before we decided on what to get. They allowed you to get two different flavors so we both did that.
Not sure what I got, chocolate and strawberry by the looks of it, and I don't remember what Teddy got. However I do remember that it was awesome.

Grade: A
660 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 
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Pretty picture of the Capitol...I just love DC.

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