Friday, January 6, 2012

Tuscana West

My friend Rosie received a groupon for her birthday to try Tuscana West and I was honored that she chose me to go along with her<3.

The meal started off with some bread and olive oil. Wow, the olive oil was amazing-good quality stuff. I was not a big fan of the bread (R liked it) but it did a good job of being the vessel in which I ate the olive oil.
For an appetizer we decided on Melanzane al Formaggio di Capra $6.95 (Aubergine, goat cheese, onions, sun-dried tomatoes). Delicious! This was a great appetizer, a little awkward to eat but o so delicious!
R got the Scottaditto di Agnello $26.95 (grilled lamb chops served with a porcini mushroom sauce and oven-roasted potatoes). Delicious, perfectly cooked and the sauce on top, A+. Highly recommend this if you like Lamb.This dish made me realize I need to go outside of my box and stop ordering pizza everywhere I go (no matter how good it is!).
Being the Pizza addict I am, I decided to go with the Quatro Stagioni (aka 4 seasons) $14.95, having a different topping on each quarter of the pizza-Mozzarella, Artichokes, Aubergine, Prosciutto ham . All of the sides were delicious except for the ham, something just didn't taste right about it.
For dessert we decided to try the Pear and Ricotta Gelato. I was really excited to try this as it sounded very interesting. Sadly it was extremely disappointing. It was icy and flavorless.
Overall the food was pretty good. Prices were a little expensive, the Groupon helped a lot. This is more of a romantic date night place, ambiance was definitely there, maybe even a going out to catch up with your friends place-not my scene, but its still nice.One nice thing to note is that when we arrived, our table was wobbly and they promptly moved us to another table-service kept up with the ambiance.

Grade: B

1350 I st NW
Washington DC
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  1. Ohh everything look soo delicious, especially Pear and Ricotta Gelato..yummy!
    wish you awesome weekend!!!

  2. Hi April thanx for stopping by my blog .I had tried olive oil with bread at Bertucci,loved it..Dessert looks yumm..

  3. There is so much to grasp in this post, it's hard to begin to comment. This is a sad sad entry of a "(pizza) addict" out to dinner. Why does no one offer her a helping hand? Someone damn near tried to kill her with that questionable ham topping. Having a degree in food blog interpretation, this is a clear cry for help to me. The first sign of distress is the fact that every menu item is in another language. Clearly meaning that the diner feels isolated from the world and her herself feels lost in translation and cannot convey how she feels appropriately to others. Second, in the first paragraph the author states that the bread was "a vessel in which I ate the olive oil." Anyone who went to 1st grade can see this is an anagram for "AVIWIATOO", which means "A Very Independent Woman Is Alone Tonight Obviously Oh-Well." This is a desperate plea for someone to reach out and offer a helping serving of non-lethal pork. This is all confirmed by the desert, which seemingly appears delicious (as stated by previous commenters, thank you), but in fact is icy and tasteless, much like the heart of our author due to this restaurant's probable poor service and lack of expedient alcoholic drinks to the table. This juxtaposition is most notably due to years of (pizza) abuse and oppression from Groupon terms and conditions. Overall, what a grandiose use of feeling and emotion to convey one's experience at Tuscana West. Sadly, I will never eat here because B ratings are beneath me. Here's to holding out for an A. Ape's Eats 4 Lyfe.
    - @dontdoolittle