Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Screw Top Wine Bar

The other night I met up with some old friends to catch up and we decided on Screw Top Wine Bar because we all LOVE wine. I have been having amazingly good luck with parking lately and I was just around the corner. There is metered parking around using coins, but luckily it was free because it was after 6. They do say they have free parking in the garage next door, but more then likely it will be full so be prepared to drive around to look for a spot.
I arrived before my friends and I managed to snag the last available table...its a pretty intimate place, so its a hit or miss depending on the time if you wanted a table. They served me truffle popcorn while I waited for my friends. It was pretty tasty but I wouldn't buy this as an appetizer.
We decided to split all of our entrees so we each got a little bit of everything. Ethan decided he wanted to try the Goudalicious Cheese Platter $17. This was an amazing cheese platter, coming with 3 different types(Goat Gouda from Holland, Midnight Moon from CA, Prima Donna from Holland). 2 of the 3 cheese were amazing (the bottom two) and the other one was good. It always seems to surprise me when things I wouldn't think taste well paired together do, ie honey and Gouda...and it made my taste-buds jump for joy.
They served bread to pair with the cheese, I preferred to eat it on the crackers they gave out.
Rosie decided that she wanted to try the Buffaloaf sandwich $13 (bison, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, cheddar, chipotle aioli). This was a really good sandwich except for the fact that I think I am not a big fan of the way buffalo tastes.
For the last item we decided to get the Greek Nachos $11 (pita, lamb chilli and feisty feta). Yum. My only complaint was that there was not enough tzatziki sauce (I guess I could have asked for more...o well).
When we went, it was "Greek Month" so we all got flights of Greek Wines. E and R got the white flight and I got the red.They were both good selections of wine, and I love being able to try the different types without having to go through 3 whole glasses.

In choosing what wine you want, you can choose a smaller tasting sample, a glass or buy the bottle. I like being able to choose the tasting sample . R and E each got another glass of wine, and I got a tasting sample. Everything we got was pretty good, the waitress we had was very knowledgeable in suggesting wines based off of everyone's personal preferences. I am not sure what we got, but just ask one of the knowledgeable servers and they will help you pick out what is right for you!

I loved the creative menu items and the impressive wine list and I would love to come back here to try some of their other dishes and wine. The 3 dishes that we split were more then enough for all of us, we were all stuffed when we left.

Grade: B+

1025 N Filmore Street
Arlington, VA
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  1. Great dining place for "greek month". The cheese platter and the greek nachos look like some pretty tasty menu items. I do agree that this one is worth a second stop on. Thanks for sharing your dining adventure!

  2. Wine with friends is ALWAYS fun! I just discovered prima donna cheese...SO yummy!

  3. I'm impressed. Perfect, cozy atmosphere with a great cheese plate. Screw top wine bar is an absolutely fun place for happy hour. yarra valley wineries