Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork Barrel is a new restaurant (ok at this point its a couple of months old-still pretty new) in Del Ray. I'd been waiting for it to open, and then I of course forgot about it until recently so when my Mom and Jeff met me for lunch I was googling places to go I re-found this place.

My mom and I decided to split a pound of the Hand Pulled Pork $12.95. This was decent, there was to much fat on it for me (yeah I am a picky eater).
Jeff got the 1/2 Rack of the St Louis Ribs $13.95. Decent as well.
We got a whole bunch of sides with our meal. With each of the entrees we were able to get 2 sides each for an extra $3.45 and then we paid full price for one $2.45.
My favorite side, and the one that I picked was the Monster Mac and Cheese. There was just enough cheese and it had a smokey taste to it-wonderful and original. My mom kept stealing additional bites of this. I can see myself just coming to get this to go.
The Creamy Cole Slaw was also quite good. I love the addition of the sliced peppers. Another winner.
I also really enjoyed the Skin on Potato Salad, a dish that I am normally not to fond of in general.
The Sweet BBQ Baked Beans were also pretty good. I don't like beans, but I appreciated the flavor of the dish overall. 
Overall the real winner of this place are their sides. They were phenomenal. I liked their BBQ sauces as well, the original and the sweet were very good. As for the BBQ I think it could use some work, I feel like I could get just as good BBQ at Red, Hot and Blue for a lower price.

Grade: C+

2312 Mount Vernon Ave
Alexandria, VA
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  1. Those sides look really yummy. :) I have never eaten at Red, Hot and Blue..since you think it's better and more affordable I must try it.. I'm all for dining on the cheap. :) LOL! Have a great weekend.