Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old Cairo Grill

The other day I met my friend Carrie for lunch at Old Cairo Grill, a Egyptian/Mediterranean restaurant in one of the most chaotic shopping centers in Burke.
For appetizers we decided to get  Kibbeh $5.95 and Grape Leaves $5.95. The kibbeh was pretty tasty, I would order these again if I wanted an appetizer. The grape leaves were not bad, they were served warm which rarely happens when you order grapeleaves. Served warm is not bad, its just an adjustment from what I am used to.
I decided to play it safe an order a Chicken Shawerma $6.50(Sliced chicken, grilled onions, lettuce, tomatoes and tahini) + $1.00 for fries. This was HUGE, enough for two people or one person with a really big appetite. Sadly I was not as happy with this dish-there was something off with the sauces/flavors. Fries were average.
Carrie ordered the winning dish, a truly original dish that I have never seen and probably wouldn't ever thing about ordering until now, Koshari (brown lentil, chickpeas, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, topped with caramelized onions) $5.50. I would recommend ordering this dish if you are looking for a good vegetarian option.
Overall the food was decent. I was not a fan of their yogurt/cucumber sauce. There were so many cucumbers in the sauce that you couldn't dip anything in it. When I asked what was in the shawerma the guy at the front told me it was just tahini and garlic sauce(that maybe I wasnt used too..which I am) and that everyone makes theirs different (I am aware that things don't taste the same everywhere...) and that it was one of their most popular items. I assured him I was just curious because there was a briny taste to it I was trying to figure it out but he wasn't very happy with my 'criticism,' I was very polite about it and not annoyed at all.

I would come back here if I was in the area, the prices and food are good, but not worth a trip out of your way. 

Grade: C+

6030 Burke Commons Road
Burke, VA
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  1. For some reason, I'm curious to know how the grape leaves taste. If only there was an Old Cairo Grill somewhere near here, my curiosity would be easily satisfied.