Monday, January 2, 2012

A Night of Mystery, a Spy Themed Party!!!

Happy New Years Everyone! Hope everyone had a fun-filled and delicious night, I know I sure did :) For New Years I decided to throw a spy themed party, "A Night of Mystery." This was all made possible by Foodbuzz 24x24...24 unique meals happening around the globe with in a 24 hour period.
Basically the idea was to have spy themed food-there are so many variations that are possible for this sort of theme. You will see that I was all over the place in my ideas. Also, you could definitely do a whole dinner party themed to the millions of Bond movies out there.

They look like innocent peppers, but if you look closer you will see they are not just peppers. They are actually hollowed out and filled with dip. A play on having something look like one thing (a pepper) but really having something else inside it.
Sushi Rolls? Or are they? Chicken Salad Rolls.
Golden Eye Cake balls. Homage to one of the James Bond movies.
Thunderballs. Another homage to James Bond. And a ridiculously delicious appetizer that you need to make right away!
This recipe is my pride and glory. Mojo Bruchetta...perhaps one of the most delicious things I have ever made. This pays homage to Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery-a man with a lot of mojo. I used aphrodisiac foods to represent the Mojo ;).
"Pouf pastries" A fun play on words. Ok, so I cheated on this one and just used store bought ones because I didn't have time to make them but they are fairly simple to make if you want to go the homemade route.
 And of course, you have to have the ultimate spy drink...a martini. I had thought about making an original martini, or doing the Vesper (which by the way I called a Vespa for about a month and noone thought to correct me...) featured in Casino Royale but I don't really like any of the ingredients in them. I decided to go with a slight alteration on the Cosmopolitan Martini because its pretty and delicious! 
There were a couple of other things that I did that I forgot to take pictures of but they have equally cool meanings.
Agent 99 Shooter. From the TV show/movie Get Smart. A simple shooter using Sprite and 99 Apples liquor.
Mata Hari Meatballs. This is the only thing I did that had truth to it. Mata Hari was a spy during WWI who was caught and executed. You should really read about her history here, it is fascinating.

Lately I have been forgetting to bring my camera out but I do have pictures of the roommate and I before the festivities started because per usual we like to take pictures of ourselves.Why I am wearing a fur hat I have no idea..but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Plus if anyone has ever watched Bond movies, I feel like there are a lot of bad Russian spies in them, so it makes sense right?
I will be posting the recipes this week on my blog so stay tuned if any interest you (which they hopefully should because they were all delicious!!)

Thanks again Foodbuzz for making this all possible!


  1. What a fun party! So creative, love the idea for NYE!

  2. Very creative theme, I do not think anyone has ever done this one. This food looks amazing, love the variety here!
    I definitely will be looking forward to the tasty recipes.
    The Russian hat makes perfect sense to me April-Cheers!

  3. Great foodbuzz 24x24 post! Looking forward to all of the recipes!

  4. Everything look more than fantastic!Yummy photos! Congrats on 24x24..

  5. Oh, this is such a fun idea! The peppers especially are a great idea...and one less dish to clean up at the end of the night! Congrats on the 24x24 and can't wait to see some of the recipes!