Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Cupcake and Dupont Circle

After a delicious meal at Shake Shack, Teddy and I decided to wander around the DuPont Circle area and stopped in the Circle to relax and take in the scenery.
Taking the camera and catching me at my best...thanks Teddy
Makes me wish I knew how to play chess...
On our walk we passed by Hello Cupcake...and I just had to stop in (Teddy could not resist the Krispy Kreme). I picked out a Cookies and Creme cupcake and a Dulce de Leche cupcake to try.
These cupcakes were ok, no wow factor for me. The cookies and creme cake was too dry, and my roommate and I both were not phased by these. The prices were about the same as other cupcake places in the area ~$3 a cake.

Grade: C

1351 Connecticut Ave
Washington, DC
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  1. I've never gotten into the whole cupcake seems like such a little treat for such a high price. Sorry you were disappointed... :-(
    Looks like a gorgeous January in DC! Enjoy the nice weather!

    1. haha, i am really not into it either, i just have an addiction to buying them when i pass by a store...i should probably stop since i am never happy with the results...thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wow, just wow. I think that your model in this post is amazing. I believe that he highlights the essence of cupcakes and really brings home the theme that you were trying to convey in this piece. The theme, being a biblical reference, showcases the struggle of man against things out of his control. What a well done use of "dry" and "Krispy Kreme" references. Obviously alluding to temptation in life and how even if you believe you see a good thing, it can always simply turn to sand (i.e. dry) and be a mirage (i.e. Krispy Kreme) in the desert (i.e. dessert). I not only think that this post is amazing, but I find it magnificent. It combines 4 loves of mine, 1)Cupcakes, 2)Dupont Circle, 3)April, and 4)pictures of Teddy. My happiness is only outweighed by my sheer bliss for reading this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Another PERFECT addiction to the best food blog on the web. Ape's Eats 4 Lyfe!

  3. Glad you got out of the house to do some sampling at some of the local bakeries in DC. Sorry the cupcakes were not as good as you hoped. I really do believe when you ice a cupcake, you should ice all of it unless you know that it is going to be eaten the same day. That exposed top does get dry after time. Thanks for sharing your adventure in and around DC as well as the cupcake review!

    1. I never knew that about cupcakes and icing the top, I normally ice the entire top, but I will always make sure to ice the entire thing if I don't plan on eating them that day!