Monday, January 30, 2012

Dairy Godmother

After eating a lunch at Pork Barrel, I convinced my Mom and Jeff that we should get dessert at the Dairy Godmother because I have heard rave reviews about it. It did not disappoint.

I decided to just get a basic Vanilla Custard and it was delicious, creamy and flavorful.
My mom got the Chocolate Custard Sunday. Another winner.
Jeff got what I believe was Cranberry Sorbet. If you like cranberries then this was delicious-I am not a fan but I did appreciate the flavors and the fact that it was not loaded with a ton of sugar.
This place is simple and delicious and I am very lucky that it is so close to my apartment-less then 5 minutes away!

I just looked on their website, and they are on vacation until Feb 10 so don't try to go before then.

Grade: A

2310 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA
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