Friday, December 16, 2011

Taqueria Poblana: Arlington

I met  up with one of my friends the other night to catch up, its been foreverrrrrr since I have seen her. We have been friends for over 8 years now, seems like such a long time ;)

She just got engaged and I am so happy for her!

We decided to meet up at Taqueria Poblano (I've been to the one in Del Ray) for dinner. I got there early so I did some grocery shopping and then went to the bar by myself and got a margarita!! Then I decided to be super cool and whip out a food magazine in which I found an amazing taco dip recipe :)

I thought the Margarita $6.75 was sub par, and I am usually not to picky when it comes to my favorite beverage but the chips and salsa were delicious! A lot better then I remembered-the kind you have trouble stopping eating.
Once J arrived we switched to a booth seat and caught up.

We split an order of Guacamole $5.50. This was disappointing, it was too "processed," to many preservatives in it which took away from the greatness of the avocados.
Since I was stuffed from my first go of chips and salsa I just got a single taco, the L.A. Crispy Style Taco $3.75 with Chile Braised Shredded Beef. This was delicious, fried goodness. I would get any of the versions of this again.
J got the Chille Relleno $10.75 (for 1). This dish was disappointing as the flavors were bland, you couldn't even taste the chille (I did like the cheese though). The dish has gotten good reviews on sites so maybe they were having an off night?
Overall this was a good experience, certain foods lacked but there are some real gems here. The fried tacos were amazing, and I LOVE the fact that you can just order a single taco. J and her fiance have been here several times and they can vouch for the deliciousness of the menu (just stay away from the guac!).

Also kudos to the bartender who brought me my glasses after I left them on the bar, it would have been an interesting drive home if he didn't. 

Grade: B

2503a North Harrison Street
Arlington, VA
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