Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shake Shack

I never get tired of burgers..or pizza (or guacamole!). Feed me any of these and its pretty much guaranteed that we will be friends. So when anyone suggests any cuisine where these are involved I am always down to join. My friend Teddy had read an article about Shake Shack in his subscription to Fortune (one smart cookie) and asked me if I wanted to try it. I have heard about the one in NYC and knew that they had opened a DC branch, so I jumped on that wagon. Fast forward a few weeks and we finally picked a day to go, and he kindly brought me the article to read on the way (love him). It is actually a very interesting article about the owner of Shake Shake (Danny Meyer) and his business ethics and stuff-you should read it.
We went on a Saturday for a late lunch and it was packed! Thankfully we managed to finagle some bar seats while we were waiting for a food.

We both got the Shack Burger (lettuce, tomato, american and shack sauce), I got the single $4.75 and Teddy got the double $7.25. Here is a comparison of the sizes of burgers, and a closeup of my burger. They were moist and flavorful, good burger all around.  
We got a side of fries $2.65, edible, not worth the space in your stomach.
The milkshakes were $5. Not bad, not bad. I got Peanut butter and Teddy got Vanilla. I should have stuck with a basic flavor, as the peanut butter was a little to intense for my liking (yeah...who would have though a peanut butter shake would be too peanutbuttery?).

Burgers were baller, fries not so much, and I can't make a fair assessment of the shake but I did learn I can't take massive amounts of pb...that's good I guess. Burgers were a little expensive, so its not your everyday meal but it's fun to splurge and go somewhere fun every once and awhile.  

After lunch we wandered around the Dupont area...very different during the day (I've only been at night) and we stopped by a little park in Dupont Circle and sat and enjoyed the last bit of sun and the surroundings. There were people playing chess and old men listening to Jazz on their boombox. Really made me appreciate the little things in life just watching everything.

A good day and later on I went back into DC to see the National Tree with the roommate and her fam!

Grade: B+
1216 18th St NW
Washington, DC 20036
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  1. I LOVE Shake Shack! Every time I head into NYC I go. Next time you should try the 'shroom burger, it's amazing. And I've never had their shakes but they make all the custard on site and each location has different flavors and they're amazing as well :D

  2. I love shake shack! I might have to try re-creating their shroom burger. SO GOOD!

  3. That burger picture above looks like a beautiful thing! You should show that picture to the restaurant and they would be lucky to use it on their menu. Thanks for telling us about this cool place. :)

  4. Oh now I'm really hungry! My healthy dinner just doesn't cut it compared to these burgers and fries! Thank you for sharing and for visiting my blog. Your words brought a smile to my face.