Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rock Bottom Brewery and Trivia Night

I LOVE games and I LOVE food, so when the two are combined I am a happy girl. On Tuesday nights Rock Bottom in Ballston has a trivia night. I went last week and pretty much just sat there while my amazing friend Lili pretty much answered ALL of the questions (at least 80%). Luckily for me, this week was Christmas trivia, so I had a chance to attempt to brush up on my knowledge and yes, I actually contributed to this trivia.

So much in fact that we came in first with 320 points and won a $50 tab...a combined effort of our group members and we didn't have to pay for dinner and drinks. I call that a VERY good time.

FACT: There are two states with towns named Santa Clause: Idaho and Indiana

FACT: I have already forgotten the majority of the facts learned last night :(

Chips, Salsa, Guacamole Appetizer ~$5 for the happy hour price. Not bad, would have preferred a bigger serving of chips. Guac was surprisingly very fresh(rare in chain restaurants) and the salsa was ok, was not a personal preference for me.
Margherita Flatbread Pizza $7 for their happy hour price. I like pizzas with sauce, but this was still a good pie. Everything was fresh and the size was really good for the price.
Boneless Buffalo Wings $8.95 from their Holiday Comforts menu.This was a disappointment and we actually sent it back. The chicken was mushy (so mushy I couldn't even bring myself to try a piece) and there were 4 small pieces on the plate. For $9 it was a rip off but the server graciously took it back and swapped it out for the Rockbottom Wings, we made sure to tip her well. 
Rockbottom Wings with buffalo sauce ~$9. Yum, just your typical tasty wings. Crispy enough for me to eat them. I have this weird thing where I have trouble eating meat off bones because of the texture, but hopefully I am getting over this thing because wings are just so darn tasty. 
Ball Park Pretzels with Spicy Spinach Dip. Another Yum. Pretzels were good, dip was good. Only complaint was that there was not enough dip to go with the two ginormous pretzels. I did have to take the salt off mine, but that is another weird habit of mine.
We got a few beers too, all for $3 a piece (Wednesday nights they are on an even cheaper happy hour for about $1.75 or something really close to that!).
Beantown Brown
Belgian White Ale
Devils Thumb
The first 2 beers are darker, and I actually liked them even though I tend to shy away from the darker beers. I've pretty much liked all the beers I have had here except for the Red Ale one whose name I don't remember.

Overall this was a great experience! The service, food and trivia were all awesome. I can't say enough how awesome the service was. I was afraid they would get angry at us for sending back the chicken, but it didn't taste good, and we are paying for the food so we thought we would give it a try. The server took it back without any argument and brought us out the new order and took the old order off the check.

All of our food + 6 beers came to ~$44 so our $50 certificate covered so all we paid for was the tip. I would order the wings and pretzels again in a heartbeat but hopefully I will go outside of my box and try something new next time.

Grade: B+

4328 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA
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And look, I even ended up parking next to R somehow but my scatterbrain forgot what his car looked like :)


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  2. Trivia night sounds like a lot of fun, so I am sure the brewery was quite crowded. Also, you did make some tasty choice in selecting the food, that is with the exception of the boneless wings. Great food pictures here. Thanks for sharing you adventure in dining and have a wonderful holiday!