Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hops Grill Brewery

My roommates dad and brother were in town this weekend and they graciously invited me out to dinner and then my roommate and I took them for a ride around DC.

We have been wanting to try this restaurant near our place, Hops Grill Brewery for awhile and they had chicken tenders on the menu which meant we could give it a go (her bro is a VERY picky eater).

It was a Saturday night so it was a little busy and we had to wait about 10 minutes. While we were waiting Lauren and I went to the bar to get a round of their in house brewed beers. L and I both got the Clearwater Light. I felt like I was drinking a Natty Light or something along that nature. It tasted better then one, but boy did it stick to its name...water and light. Her dad got the Hammerhead/Thoroughbred Red (guess the name changes depending where you are) and it was pretty good. All beers were about $2.79.
Once we were seated they brought us croissants covered in some sort of honey glaze. Tasty but it's weird eating something so sweet before a meal, not a fan of dessert first.
L's bro got the Chicken Tenders Meal $9.99. Just your basic chicken tenders.

L and her dad got the Fish and Chips $10.99. They thought it was decent but they wouldn't order it again.

I ordered the California Burger $8.49 (swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, sourcream, thousand island). I was very happy with my burger and would order another it again. Little disappointed though that "California" did not have avocado, most that hold this name include it. 

This was a decent meal, I'd come back here for some cheap beer and a burger.  Service was good. The only complaint I have, and it didn't really affect us, but the booth we were seated in was extremely skinny. Luckily none of us were packing on the pounds or it would have been a really tight fit.

Grade: C+

We also went to go see the National Christmas Tree afterwards :)

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