Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tony's take 2 (Fairfax)

I feel like this is the millionth time I have been to Tony's in Fairfax, but the reason for this post is that I have made it a point to keep on trying new things instead of getting my usual. this may not be something new, but it is a delicious classic that I always get. Cheese Pizza. Perfection.
Eggplant Parmesan Pizza. Pretty Tasty, the eggplant is sporadically placed, but a good slice overall if you like eggplant.
Cheese-steak Pizza. I was surprised I liked this slice seeing that it has meat on it. The only thing that would make this better is adding some onions and peppers to it.
Sicilian Pepperoni. Good if you like Sicilian style and pepperoni. I prefer thinner crusts, and I don't eat pepperoni on my pizza (I am the weird person that takes it off and eats it separately and then eats the pizza sans the pepperoni).
This was a great dinner, I am never disappointed when I stick to their pizzas. At this point I feel like I have exhausted all my options on the slices so I will finally just go back to my usual...a slice of Cheese and a slice of Cheese with pineapple added on, and when I am feeling like I need a change get a slice of their Margherita Special.

Grade: A

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