Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I got a coupon the other day for 4 free cupcakes at Sprinkles which expired Monday so my roommate and I took a little road trip there Sunday night. I don't know if something was happening that weekend but Georgetown was PACKED. I was going to just park in a parking garage and suck it up to pay the fee but I lucked out and avoided parallel parking and a garage all together. All I had to do was back into a space right in front of the store (ignore the fact that L had to get out and tell me how far to pull back).

Sprinkles is known as the original cupcake store- the one who started this crazy cupcake trend.

Top Left: Red Velvet: southern style light chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting
Top Right: Chocolate Coconut: Belgian dark chocolate cake with coconut cream cheese frosting
Bottom Left: Carrot: walnut-studded carrot cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting
Bottom Right: Dark Chocolate: Belgian dark chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate frosting
We got there later in the day so sadly they didn't have a lot of options but who is complaining when it is free? The line was not bad, we were probably only waiting for about 10 minutes as opposed to Georgetown Cupcakes whose line was down the street when we drove by. 

Overall all the cupcakes were moist and flavored well. The Dark Chocolate was delicious, but very decadent and rich so you will be satisfied after a bite or two. Carrot Cake was equally delicious, I don't like walnuts but I would suck it up and eat them in this cupcake.The Red Velvet and Chocolate Coconut were o.k., I didn't like either, but the roommate did. I am a very picky person, I don't really like cake. She took the cupcakes to her friends after we did our tasting and they scarfed all of them down. 

I would give this place a chance again as all of their ingredients were quality, but I would check online here and see what flavors are for which days and I would look into ordering online and picking up to avoid lines. 

Grade: B+

3015 M Street NW
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