Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Haven @ Cayuga Lake

This past weekend my aunt and I went up to New York so we could close up our family's lake house. This house has been in our family for almost a century and it's a kind of haven for everyone in our family. I have never been up here past August, and now I realize I need to start coming in the fall. It is absolutely gorgeous up here. I even jumped in the lake...even it only lasted for a minute, I had to get the bragging rights :)
 There is nothing better then lying on the dock all day.
Since it is October, we of course had a bonfire going during the day and at night. I just love the smell of bonfires.
Don't worry, we did more then just lay on the dock. We went out to Blue Stone, Hazelnut Kitchen, Not My Dads, Americana Winery, Lifes So Sweet and Shopping. I even got this cute bracelet from the Ithaca Commons.

We also went walking up the road that leads to our cottage. It is approx a mile long. I just love how there are wide open spaces leading to the Cottage.
There are still some pretty flowers that have survived the fall so far.
After the wide open spaces there is what we like to call a "tree tunnel" that leads to the Cottage.
It even hides our Cottage. Isn't it a cute house?
I love the rocks on the beach. They are the perfect skipping rocks.
One of my favorite things is when the sun is rising in the morning and it hits the water, creating a sparkly effect. The good thing about fall is that this sparkly effect lasts until about 11-12 instead of disappearing at 8. I can sleep in and still enjoy the sparkly water :)

When the sun starts to go down, the lake is just as pretty.
Hope you enjoyed the photos :) It makes me happy just looking over this post. I had to really resist putting up all of my photos.

I strongly suggest making a visit to the Finger Lakes area. It is full of good wine (there are wineries EVERYWHERE), good food, hiking and relaxation. What more could you ask for?

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