Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Del Ray Pizzeria

Since I live so close to Del Ray, its only natural that I eventually start to explore the vast dining options it offers. I have only been to 2 places, one being decent-the other horrible. Luckily I was very happy about the decision to give Del Ray Pizzeria a chance.

I ordered the Turkey Melt $9 served with avocado, bacon, chipotle mayo. Wow. I still think about this sandwich. All of the ingredients went really well together and the bread, it reminded me of the bread of a wonderfully gooey grilled cheese sandwich, crisp and buttery. The fries were equally drool worthy and were hard to stop eating.
G got the Maui Wowie Pizza $13 with ham, pineapple and balsamic onions. The balsamic onions were a very overwhelming-punch in the face, and the overall pizza was just ok.
I was really happy with the sandwich and fries so I will definetly be coming back in the near future. However it being a "Pizzeria" I am a little disspointed in the pizza, I will perhaps give the pizza another chance or steal a bite of whoever gets this pizza next time I come here.

Even if I were not totally in love with the sandwich and fries I would come here for this reason alone, football shaped beer mugs. Yes, you saw that correctly, football shaped beer mugs. Anyone want to join me on a Sunday/Monday for drinking beer out of these mugs?

Grade: B

2218 Mount Vernon Ave
Del Ray, VA
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