Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Counter in Reston

Finally. I am thrilled that I have finally had a good burger experience out. I feel like lately I have been plagued with mediocre over priced burgers but I won't go back to those experiences right now. This is about being positive, happy and satisfied.

I got off work early one day and decided to drive to Reston to meet my friend R for lunch since I had to bail on her the weekend before. Since I know pretty  much nothing about Reston Town Center (its been years since my high school ventures have taken me here, and boy has it changed) R picked out a place called The Counter to try. I was a little hesitant to try ANOTHER burger joint after a dry spell but after looking at their menu and the choices I was ready to step up to the plate.

When we got there it was pretty packed so we just went to the bar to grab a burger. They have these cute little clipboards out with your all the choices on it to for your to make a D.I.Y. burger. So overwhelming with all of the choices (you know I planned ahead what I had to get or I would have been there forever trying to decide) but they do have some pre-made options as well.

We decided to split an order of the "fifty-fifty" where you can choose 2 out of the 3 (french fries, sweet potato fries, crispy onion strings). These were pretty tasty but I would have preferred them warmer. Very good portion size for 2 people splitting, I would even split this with another 1-2 people as well depending on how hungry everyone is.
R got a 1/3 lb turkey burger with roasted corn and black bean salsa, roasted red peppers, grilled onions and horseradish cheddar served on a multi-grain bun. Here's a little excerpt from R when I asked her about the burger "The turkey burger was dryer then I like but it was well flavored. I loved that I can get roasted veggies on a burger because it adds so much more flavor and while I added Dijon mustard I really didn't need it because everything came together with a great flavor profile." On the side she got spicy sour cream which I loved but as she stated before she did not need to add anything to her burger (perfect for dipping fries in!).
I got a 1/3 lb beef burger on a multi-grain bun with Tillamook cheddar, grilled onions, organic mixed greens, jalapenos, avocado ($1 extra) and roasted garlic aioli. Very delicious. I loved the grilled onions (very close to caramelized onions!) and the burger was moist and flavorful. I actually had to take the bun off because with the addition of the avocados it was very hard to eat. It was a good thing I did, because if I ate the bun, I would not have been able to finish my burger.
The bartender gave us some leftover chocolate milkshakes...and they were delicious. This place serves spiked milkshakes as well...return trip soon?
We received our food fast, it was tasty and the bartender even gave us a little milkshake at the end. Perfect ending to the meal. My only complaint was that the fries were served before our meal, and the were not served hot. I am not sure if this is how they do things, but maybe when you go, ask for the fries to be served with your meal?

Grade: B

11922 Democracy Drive
Reston, VA
Reston Town Center
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