Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'll have S'more Brownies

I know, I know the title is cheesy, but I mean, who could resist putting this little pun in :)

Every Monday during the school year I take a half a day at work and go to babysit my cousins because those lucky ducks get out of school at 1pm...if only that tradition carried past grade school :)

Last year I started cooking dinner for them, often desserts, and they happen to have an AWESOME kitchen and appliances galore so I am able to test my creativity and spread out.

Monday I decided to try out Smores Brownies...and let me tell you, YUM.

There are 3 components to these brownies (1) Graham Cracker Crust (2) Brownie Middle (3) Marshmallow topping, and it is incredibly easy to make, just takes a little time
For the crust you need (this was for a rectangle pan):
1 1/2 packets of crushed/chunks Graham Crackers (in a box there are typically 3 packets)
1 1/3 sticks of butter
1/3 cups sugar

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. Melt butter and mix in graham cracker crumbs and sugar
3. I put aluminim foil in my pan so I could just lift the brownies out and cut them after they were finished cooking
4. Butter or spray your pan and the spread graham cracker mix
5. Cook for about 20 minutes

For the Brownies:
-I cheated and just used a Ghirardelli brownie mix, one of the best mixes in my personal opinion but if you have a go-to recipe (I currently do not) you could easily use that as well
-After you have everything mixed together pour the batter over the crust and cook the brownies according to the instructions on the box, making sure to check it about 3/4 of the way through (I always have to do this because I never seem to have accurate ovens)

For the Marshmallow Topping:
1 bag of Marshmallows

1. Sprinkle a good layer of  marshmallows over the brownies, I used about 1/2-3/4 of a small bag (really a personal preference) and turn on your broiler
2. My aunt’s kitchen consists of a super fancy oven that I love! Just be sure when you get to this step you keep an eye on your marshmallows.  I am only noting this because I learned from experience as I tried walking away to clean up a little while the marshmallows were broiling on high. I turned around to see their oven smoking. Luckily they didn't burn,  just the perfect marshmallow char, I would say no more than a minute or two on high when the oven is already hot.
I let it cool for about 5-10 minutes and then I cut the brownies into little rectangles. I didn't seem to have to much trouble with the gooey marshmallows.
mm just look at those 3 layers, yum

I got rave reviews from these brownies-my family, roommate and friends all said they were absolutely delicious and I will admit I may have taken the plunge and eaten 2-3 before I gave them all away :)

My uncles are not fans of the marshmallows, so I left a little bit of the brownie without the marshmallows and they both loved the addition of the graham cracker crust with the chocolate brownie goodness so if you are not a fan of marshmallows, I would still strongly suggest just making these with a graham cracker crust.


  1. chocolate + marshmallow = always perfection

  2. I've made these too-and am OBSESSED!! S'mores make the world go 'round!