Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zaytinya: Summer Restaurant Week 2011

Well folks, the rumors are true. Zaytinya is everything I have heard it would be, a little bit of amazingness. As soon as I got the email for restaurant week, I jumped online to Opentable to make a reservation. Luckily my friend Carrie was also dying to try the place and jumped on board with me.

The outside of the restaurant (as well as the inside) was very artistic. Thank goodness the interior matched the exterior's appeal, it would have been a disappointment if the food was poor.
Our reservation was at 6, but we decided to get there at 5 for their "Mezza Ora." We each got a Pom Fili (white wine, vodka and pomegranate) for $, packs quite a punch. although, you couldn't tell while drinking it, just the after affects.I also tried the red wine they have for $4, Agiorgitiko, Hercules, Nemea '09. This was not bad-in between dry and sweet, good for the price :)
For restaurant week, Zaytinya offers 4 courses (with 4 options for each course! I love choices) and a dessert with 2 choices for $35.11.

To begin our meal they brought out pita bread and olive oil with pomegranate vinegar in the middle. I have never had a fruit/olive oil combo and I really liked it-packed a nice zing with every dip. The pita, however, was just average. 
First Course
Fattoush (tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper, radish, pita chips, pomegranate vinegar dressing): different than other versions of this salad that I have had. I thought that the chunks of veggies were a little big for my personal tastes, the onions in particular, but overall the flavors meshed really well.
Grape-Leaves Dolmades (grape leaves, rice, fennel, tomato, pine nuts, raisins, lamdeh) This is one of my favorite dishes, and I was pleasantly surprised. Many restaurants I order this from serve the grape leaves too briney, but these were just perfect and the dipping sauce on the side was a perfect addition.
Second Course
Falafel (chickpeas, tahini): Very tasty but I would have liked to have a little more tahini to dip or a yogurt sauce
Garides Me Anitho (shrimp, dill, shallots, mustard, lemon): Sauce was amazing, I loved dipping the pita in the sauce. C said this dish was delicious and the waiter said it was his favorite thing on the menu (I don't eat shrimp)
Third Course
Bantijan Bil Laban (eggplant, garlic yogurt sauce): Heaven on earth, I don't know if eggplant can melt in your mouth but it sure felt like it. This is one of the dishes that would bring me back to this place in a heartbeat. The garlic yogurt sauce was equally amazing.
Keftedes Kapama (beef and lamb, feta, tomarot, cinnamon, allspice): Tender meatballs, very tasteful.
Fourth Course
Adana Kebab (lamb, tomatoes, onions): Salt overload, I would almost compare it to swallowing a mouthful of ocean water...I couldnt even finish this dish.
Kotopoulo Youvetsi (chicken, orzo, tomato, kefalograviera cheese): This was ok, probably would have liked it better if it was not so similar to the chicken dish C had for her Third Course.
Greek Yogurt and Apricots (apricots, yogurt, sorbet, pistachio): Good, but I wish I ordered the Turkish Delight. Loved the pistachio addition.
Turkish Delight (walnut icecream, goats milk mousse, honey gelee): Very good, C thoroughly enjoyed it.
Overall this was a great dining experience.Great Mezza Ora prices, I will be back for that more Mezza Ora :(. I also will be stopping by here to eat some of their delicious dishes-mainly their wonderful Eggplant dish I can't stop thinking about. I was a little disappointed by the 4th course, my lamb dish was not edible due to the salt intake- a real let down after the first 3 courses.

(202) 638-0800
701 9th St NW
Washington, DC
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