Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smokey Bones...

I almost didn't write this entry. In fact, I wanted to forget this experience but I realized that the purpose of the blog is to write about the good as well as the bad. A means of expressing my frustrations when I don't have the gall to do it at the restaurant- I thought I was past being meek after my experience here but I guess not. 
I was at Ikea the other day and I decided to get a bite to eat after. I have often passed by Smokey Bones and I finally decided to give it a try.

To start off G and I both ordered drinks because they were pretty cheap. I'd say about 15 minutes after we ordered them, we received the watered down (from the melted ice) and condensation coated glasses. We both ignored the drinks and left them at the edge of the table.

Appetizer: Kettle Chips 4.99. I've been itching to try something like this because I have seen it on a ton of menus. Tasteless, a waste of money all around. 
I ordered a Combo Platter and selected pulled pork and beef brisket. Neither meat left any sort of impression. The waitress asked how I liked the corn salad and when I told her it tasted kind of weird she said "yeah that's what the kitchen thought" and offered me another side.
G got an Half Rack of Ribs with 2 sides, the cheese fries were the highlight of the meal. Nothing here was bad, but it was not good either.
So many things were wrong I am just going to list them:
  1. We waited for about 10 minutes before anyone even came to our table, and no the restaurant was not overly crowded.
  2. After someone finally showed up, we ordered our appetizer and drinks. Drinks came by 15 minutes later, watered down and full of condensation. 
  3. Appetizer...FRIED CHIPS....came out 20 minutes later and was horrible
  4. The "manager" came over to our table because he could see that we were unhappy and gave us a special coupon to make up for our unhappiness...the coupon he was clearly leaving on all of the tables and giving to everyone. He did take our drinks off the bill but we shouldn't have had to ask for that small service.
  5. We waited almost an hour for our food, I kept on saying we would leave in 5 minutes because I am not the type of person to walk out, but right as I finally got up the gall to leave, our food arrived. 
There were other minor things that went wrong, and I am usually one to give second chances but I do not think I will be visiting this place again, ever.

Grade: D- (at least the food was edible)

2601 Prince William County Pkwy
Woodbridge, VA
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