Friday, August 5, 2011

1/2 Priced Burger Night @ Brion's Grille

Who isn't a sucker for deals? 1/2 priced burgers and I am there at least once to try it. I actually used to go to Brion's Grille all the time in college for Burger Night. I haven't been here in a while and since I have been here they actually completely changed their burger menu (I think that this is a good thing). This place is located within walking distance from GMU and draws a huge crowd on Tuesdays. You will prob end up waiting for about 15-20 minutes if you get here around 6...which of course we did. If you are a fan of College Basketball, this is the place to be after the Patriots play a game.
Wegs started off his meal with a large beer, it was huge! Def got his money's worth (~6$) out of it. I chose to get Iced Tea which tasted funky, so I just switched to water.
All of the burger choices at Brion's are pretty intense, but I settled on the "B-Wing" which includes guacamole, jalapenos, jack cheese and their secret wing sauce. It was pretty good if you don't mind things with a kick. I was impressed by their guacamole, it was not overly processed.
Wegs got the "Alan Merten" (president of GMU) served with sauteed mushrooms and monterey jack cheese. He seemed to like it, and I have a lot of friends who have ordered this in the past, if you like mushrooms then this is the burger for you.
G ordered the "Emma's Patty Melt" served on toasted rye with swiss and grilled onions.This burger was not too bad- he didn't read in the description that it was rye bread and other than that he thought it was good.
I haven't really eaten too many other items here and normally just come for 1/2 price burgers, but it's your typical school sports bar. The food is just mediocore, but you get what you expect so no one leaves disappointed. Next time you have a free Tuesday and are in the area, stop by and get a burger! Or after a Mason basketball game stop by and you might be lucky enough to see/meet one of the players or our new Couch Paul Hewitt who I have heard great things about :)

All of the burgers were about $4-5 with the discount, great price for a meal!

Grade: B 

10621 Braddock Road
Fairfax, VA
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  1. That will be perfect for a Friday night's out. Burgers at a half a price will make me consume two entrees.