Friday, July 8, 2011

Zizzi's Italian in Earl's Court

I feel like the majority of my postings are going to be in the Earl's Court/Kensington area because sadly I didn't not travel to much farther to eat food, lucky for me they both have plentiful options.

The first time I came here was to meet my friends John and Kristi for dinner because it was their last night in London :( Very glad I got to hang out with them! My roommate and I came here another time to get dinner too.

Zizzi is an chain in London, boasting about 25 locations (at least that is what urbanspoon tells me). I will try and portray the menu items as accurately as possible, for some reason I can't get access to the website, maybe because it is a UK website?
J and K started off their meal with some Fried Calmari and Medaterranian Olives. J made me try both since I am not a fan of either, and they were not horrible, but Olives and Calmari are not my thing. I will have to say even though I have a strong dislike of olives, these were prob the best I have had. The both really liked their appetizers.
My roommate ordered the Goddess Olives and she loved them. I loved the way they looked, like mini Granny Smith apples.
For my entree I got the Pizza Calzone. It is suppose to be half pizza-half calzone, but it was more 2/3 pizza 1/3 calzone -very good. I would recommend this item. The Calzone had ham and cheese in it and the pizza had aubergine (eggplant), onion, arugula and olives (although I requested these to be removed and they were still on the pizza). I have never had the pizza-calzone combo before and I thought it was awesome.
 Roommate ordered Calamari for her entree and she loved it-I loved the way it was displayed.
K ordered a pasta dish with red sauce which looked really good and she enjoyed it. She gave me the leftovers, which tasted pretty good even though it was dried up since Brits don't really understand the concept of takeaway containers, and give the leftovers to you in flimsy containers that do not preserve the food.
J ordered a chicken dish which he enjoyed.
My roommate and I went here a 2nd time and we both got goat cheese ravioli which was amazing.

Overall everyone enjoyed their meal and the prices were decent-average of £10 a meal. Service was ehh, but I am beginning to see that is a trend in Britain.

Zizzi on Urbanspoon


  1. Oh wow, the olives look so delicious and the photo of the rest makes me want to take a visit. Thanks for posting.

  2. Wow what great picture they make me hungry! I would love to try the Calamari.

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