Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wine House

I had a Groupon for The Wine House that was about to expire and a dinner date with my mom so I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two. After my experience here, I was dying to try another wine restaurant/bar. We arrived around 6pm on a Tuesday night and it was not crowded, although about halfway through our meal a ton of people came in.

I started off with a glass of their Malbec Wine $6. Sadly I am not a sommelier so I can't give you some in-depth description but both my mom and I really liked it-I thought it was one of the better Malbecs that I have had.  My mom ordered a diet coke, which they serve in cans.
For our appetizer we ordered the Wine House Baguette $10 with 3 spreads. Starting from the front of the photo: truffle butter, olive tapenade and honey butter. The honey butter was amazing, def a favorite for my mom and I. The olive tapenade seemed to be a winner for anyone who likes olives, but I strongly dislike them and the truffle butter didn't seem to taste to much like truffle to me- bland and tasteless.
For dinner I ordered Clear River Farms Natural Filet Mignon $22. It came with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus. This was a delicious meal- steak was cooked perfectly and I really liked the mashed potatoes (I am very picky when it comes to mashed potatoes). I would highly recommend this for dinner.
My mom got the Caprese Salad (I am not sure of the name because they haven't switched to their summer menu online) $16. This was really good, my mom loved the addition of the yellow tomatoes. I thought it was pretty tasty, but I don't think it is worth the price, $16 is a lot for a salad with a few pieces of tomato and mozzarella.
They serve the water in these cute little jars (only after you ask for a refill).
Overall I thought all of the food was really good. The bill came out to about $20 after my $40 groupon went through- def a really expensive meal. A very pricey meal that I would probably not come back for unless I had a coupon or I received a sudden increase in my income and I was in the mood to splurge.

Service was ok, the waiter was very nice, but the food took forever to come out. I feel like the baguette took almost as long as the rest of our meal. I realize that things need to be cooked and I should enjoy my company but it was kind of ridiculous how long it took. This seems to be a consistent problem that The Wine House has, as I see it has been a complaint on yelp.

I felt that the caliber of the restaurant was not reflected in the service. For example I had to ask for a refill of my water, to which our server responded by bringing out the jug. But for the money I spent and the atmosphere of the restaurant, I felt that having to ask for my water to be refilled shouldn't have been an issue.The seats are also slightly uncomfortable.

I will say that the presentation of the food was visually attractive. The flowers were a different but nice touch.

Grade: B- (food was good, but it was too expensive and slow)

3950 University Drive
Fairfax, VA
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